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How to find the Gilded Marker in Find the Markers

Here is how to get the insane difficulty Gilded Marker in Find the Markers Roblox game.
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Find the Markers is a huge Roblox “find the” passion project. With 200 markers to collect, dedicated completionists will find satisfaction with the abundance of easy and difficult ones to obtain. But there are some that prove more perilous than the others to obtain. The Gilded Marker, locked away in Keep Castle, is an adorned jouster just waiting for you to find it. Here is your detailed guide to find the Gilded Marker in Find the Markers.

How To Get the Gilded Marker in Roblox Find the Markers

Traveling to the Washable Kingdom

Firstly, you must find your way to the fantastical washable kingdom.

Upon spawning into the game, make your way to the clock tower right by spawn in the abandoned city. Behind the clock tower is a secret invisible truss. You must climb it, and once you are on the platform, walk around the base to the front to find another invisible truss. Begin climbing it. Once you’ve made it to the top, you will be teleported to the washable kingdom.

Screenshot by GJ / markers epic memers

Securing the Gilded Marker

The washable kingdom is only a small land, but it boasts many markers! To find the Gilded Marker, you must walk into the looming Keep Castle, the castle structure in front of spawn. Walk into the great stone hallway into the structure. At the end of that path is a staircase to the left. Walk up in. Once you are on top of Keep Castle, you have a choice of four turrets to climb. The turret you want is the top right one, the turret that faces into the void on the right side. Enter through the doorway and climb up the truss that goes from the bottom to the top.

Finally, at the top of the turret (once you have admired the view), you have to drop off and fall into the bottom window. To do this, zoom out until you can see the view below:

Screenshot by GJ / markers epic memers

You must take the leap of faith and jump off the side that faces the void. As you do, you must hug the wall all the way down. Before you know it, you’ll be teleported to the Gilded Marker’s domain, a small room with the marker at the end, giving you a congratulatory smile.

You must touch the marker to claim it before respawning.

Screenshot by GJ / markers epic memers

There you have it, the detailed guide to finding the Gilded Marker in Find the Markers in Roblox. Keep your eyes on Gamer Journalist for more Roblox content!

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