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How to find the Bacteria Floppa in FInd the Floppa Morphs

Here is your guide on finding the insanely difficult Bacteria Floppa.
bacteria floppa in find the floppa morphs
Screenshot by GJ / BIG PLAY

Find the Floppa Morphs is a huge “find the” Roblox game, made by BIG PLAY, where there are 241 Floppa Morphs to find and collect, providing a satisfying range for completionists and casual players. But there is one Floppa that requires a little more teamwork in the terrifying liminal space of the backrooms. The Bacteria Floppa is the insanely difficult Floppa Morph stowed away deep inside the backrooms. If this is what you are after, then this is your guide.

Finding the Bacteria Floppa Morph in Find the Floppa Morphs

Finding the locked door

To secure the Bacteria Floppa Morph, you need to grab a friend or rely on the kindness of a stranger, as the locked door requires teamwork.

To find this viral icon, you must start playing the game on the backrooms map, which can located in the maps menu to the left of the screen. There are four corridors that branch off from spawn. Walk down the corridor that has a large arrow at the end like this:

The arrow corridor in Find the Floppa Morphs
Screenshot by GJ / BIG PLAY

Walk in the direction of the arrows and turn right. There will be a lot of passages to your left. Ignore them all and go straight down, past the image of the Floppa, to the sparkling black flare on the floor. At the black flare, turn right, to the ink blot on the wall.

the ink blot on the wall in find the floppas
Screenshot by GJ / BIG PLAY

Going past the ink blot, take the immediate left, go down that corridor and take the second right, the one opposite the other ink blot. Take a left, walk past the Floppa picture, and you will stumble across a room with a pressure pad and a window. This is where you’re gonna need a friend.

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Unlocking the door

One of you two must stand on the green pressure plate to unlock the blue door through the window. The other can then run around the walls to go through the door, where there will be a small and easy obby to complete.

Be careful, however, as there is a monster trying to chase you down as you complete the obby – so be quick!

Once that is done, touch the legendary Bacteria Floppa Morph to claim it as your own! Keep your eye on Gamer Journalist for more Roblox and Find the Floppa Morphs content!

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