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How to Find Gahz’raxes in WoW: Dragonflight

To find this four-legged hydra, players will need to get a bit wet.

A key component that makes World of Warcraft one of the best MMO’s is the amount of content that the game provides. This could come in the form of new expansions, dungeons, raids, and even random bosses scattered throughout the land. We’re going to be focusing on the overworld, specifically a certain elite boss that was added during a Dragonflight patch. This monstrosity hold no allegiance to either Horde nor Alliance and will take on any heroes who dare cross its path. Let’s hop on our dragons and figure out how to find Gahz’raxes in WoW: Dragonflight.

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How to Find Gahz’raxes in WoW: Dragonflight

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While the majority of Dragonflight’s content has raised players into the clouds, this boss will require people to dive under the surface. Added in patch, Gahz’raxes, Spawn of Gahz’ragon is one of the fabled 4-legged elite Hydra. This creature has been around for ages, and is not an easy monster to defeat. However, before you start figuring out how to defeat this Hydra, you’ll need to find its location first.

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Gahz’raxes the elite Hydra is located in The Forbidden Reach in the Dragon Isles and as stated earlier, requires the player to do a bit of swimming. Off the coast of Caldera of The Menders, you should see a small island to the southwest. From here, you’re going to want to dive under the surface of the water behind the island, and navigate towards the mainland. While underwater, you should notice a passageway, continue through this passage and you will find an opening for an underwater cave. Reemerge from the water in this cave and you will come face to face with Gahz’raxes. For those who want to know the beasts exact coordinates, they are 27.95, 38.69.

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