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How to Find Exotic Bird Meat in Red Dead Online

Tastes like chicken.
red dead parrot
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I have no particular hangups about eating meat, but there are definitely some animals that make you think “nah, I probably shouldn’t eat that.” Not for health reasons or anything, it’s just weird to see them as a “food animal.” When you’re living on the frontier, though, you can’t always afford to be picky, so suck it up and eat that weird meat. Here’s how to find Exotic Bird Meat in Red Dead Online.

How to Find Exotic Bird Meat in Red Dead Online

Exotic Bird Meat in Red Dead Online is… well, meat from an exotic bird. For the purpose of explanation, an “exotic” bird is pretty much any kind of bird you wouldn’t normally hunt for meat purposes. In this case, there are three birds you could hunt for Exotic Bird Meat:

  • Pelicans
  • Parakeets
  • Parrots

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Now, Carolina Parakeets are endangered, so killing them slaps you with a penalty, and Parrots are just really hard to track down. Ergo, if you’re looking for Exotic Bird Meat, it’s all about the Pelicans. I know, eating a Pelican is weird. Just do it.

Finding Pelicans

red dead pelican
Image via Rockstar Games

As in real life, Pelicans can be found in fairly plentiful numbers along the various coastlines, though they have a particular affinity for the east coast. Try looking around for them in the following locales:

  • Bluewater Marsh
  • Lagras
  • Saint Denis
  • Copperhead Landing
  • Quaker’s Cove
  • Thieves’ Landing
  • Annesburg
  • Van Horn Trading Post

Whenever you spot a Pelican, all you need is either a Varmint Rifle or a bow with Small Game Arrows. Don’t use anything heavier, or you’ll wreck the body and make it unsalvageable. When you shoot a Pelican down, you can retrieve the body to pluck it and turn it into Exotic Bird Meat.

Besides just getting some for challenge purposes, you can also season Exotic Bird Meat with Oregano for a stamina boost, Thyme for a Dead Eye buff, or Wild Mint for health restoration. Just take it to any campfire and apply the seasonings to get some properly-cooked meat. And you darn well better eat whatever you shoot down.

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