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How to Find and Kill All Commanders in DMZ: Warzone 2 Guide

Lets Take Them Down

The Warzone DMZ is teeming with opponents of varied difficulty. Commanders are among the most difficult enemies you will face. Commanders in the DMZ are hostile NPC bosses that have their own assaults and weaponry. This article will explain How to Find and Kill All Commanders in DMZ.

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To Kill a Commander

You will come across the mission Controlling Intel as you go through faction missions. Complete a Secure Intel Contract, Extract a Weapons Case, and, most relevant to this topic, Kill a Commander. You will have three types of commanders to choose from on this step.

Commander Helicopter

As it is spawned upon completing a Secure Intel Contract, this will be the first commander to spawn while doing the Controlling Intel. It is also the most easily defeated of the three, since you may utilize rocket launchers that lock on for simple strikes. Instead, you can seize a nearby SAM site and utilize it to automatically take down the commander helicopter.


The second of the two possibilities makes sense as part of Controlling Intel since you will need to retrieve a weapons case. The Juggernaut may spawn at any Weapon Case placement on the map. One safe technique for defeating this commander is to use cover, such as deployable cover, and a high ammunition LMG like the RPK.


The Chemist, who may be found in any radiation region on Al Mazrah or Ashika, is the most difficult of the three commanders. This commander is also featured in the Untraceable legion tier 2 mission. this mission has you, g rab the weapon from the Sattiq Caves Dead Drop, use it to kill the Chemist in the same deployment, and then return it to the same dead drop. When selecting a commander to kill, this is not a quick or easy task.

The Choice is Yours

Although you may come across multiple commanders in a single deployment you will usually only have to defeat one in order to complete a faction mission. As stated above the Commander Helicopter is the easiest but you will also most likely cross paths with the others as well. It is best to have a strategy prepared and take you time as these are some of the strongest enemies you will face. If you have the right strategy you will be able to find and kill commanders in DMZ.

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