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How to Fight in No Place for Bravery

Let's get down to business.
No Place for Bravery Blood Pool
Image via Glitch Factory

The newly released Sekiro-like title, No Place for Bravery has officially released for Nintendo Switch and PC, leading players into a brand-new pixel art RPG adventure. With a gorgeous art style and a unique way to play the Sekiro formula that players love so much, this title has the makings to be a great time. But what good would this game be without great fighting? We’ve got all you need to know about how to fight in No Place for Bravery.

How to Fight in No Place for Bravery

When it comes to how you’ll actually fight in No Place for Bravery, no matter the weapon, most of the mechanics are going to be very similar. There are a few basic things that you’re going to need to know though, that are imperative to being a good warrior in-game. Let’s take a look at what there is to know!


As for basic combat, there are going to be 4 different actions that you’ll need to be wary about as these are going to be the most used actions throughout your time with the game. You have a regular attack, a dodge function, a defend function, and you can lock onto enemies.

Besides the regular attack, you can also use skills. Each weapon has two different skills that can be used with it. You can also hold the Y button (if on Switch) to charge the skill attack for more damage. You’re also able to swap between your equipped weapons using the corresponding button or key. For Switch, it’s ZL.

Health and Defense

Your character has a health bar and a defense bar. Your health is tied to your character’s life and, if taken damaged, you can consume items to bring your health back up. Your defense bar, on the other hand, depletes as you take damage, so defending for too long can actually hurt you once the bar drops completely. The gold thing about that bar is that it regenerates itself over time. The same goes for your enemies’ defense bar.

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As for your enemies, there are all kinds of different foes you’ll come across that’ll have their own attacks and weapons. There are bosses, minions, and everything in between in No Place for Bravery. Enemies have three different types of attacks; light, regular, and heavy attacks. You are able to parry enemy attacks, but not all here’s how each attack works:

  • Light – Does may not have a cue or can be identified by a white glow around the enemy. Can be parried or defended against.
  • Regular – Always indicated with a yellow glow around the enemy. Can be parried but not defended against.
  • Heavy – Indicated by a red glow around the enemy. Cannot be parried or defended against.

Quick Executions

Once you’ve beaten the life out of your enemies and taken their defense bar down, some will actually allow you to finish and confirm them as a kill. You can do this once an enemy has reached their “fallen state” which is them unarmed and beaten. You can identify these enemies by the yellow diamond that appears above their heads.

If near the enemy, hit your corresponding Quick Execution button once this pops up to execute them. Quick Executions are the only way for you to quickly recover your character’s stamina aside from restorable consumables and things of that nature. These enemies also drop loot often.

That’s everything you need to know about how to fight in No Place for Bravery! Now, venture off into this beautiful Sekiro-like’s world!

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