How to Farm Sinister Cloth in Monster Hunter Rise
Image via Capcom

It’s a well-established fact that in any sword or sorcery setting, the more dead things you have on your outfit, the cooler you look. Everyone wants the armor with skulls and spikes all over it, that’s just how it is. It helps that, in the case of Monster Hunter Rise, such an armor is also quite good, but to get it, you’re going to need some special materials. Here’s how to farm Sinister Cloth in Monster Hunter Rise.

The Death Stench armor set, in addition to making you look like an awesome necromancer warlord, has some pretty fantastic stats. Not only can you make a suit for yourself, but you can also make one for your Palamute that makes it look like an awesome undead Cerberus thing. However, to make these armors, you’ll need a few scraps of Sinister Cloth, and that stuff isn’t exactly just lying around.

How to Farm Sinister Cloth in Monster Hunter Rise

The only way to get Sinister Cloth is to deploy Meowcinaries to hunt it down for you, courtesy of Felyne Chief Kogarashi in the Buddy Plaza. Through Kogarashi, you can send Meowcinaries off to the far corners of the land in search of rare materials, one of which will be Sinister Cloth if you’re lucky. The scouting location you’ll want to send them to is the Shrine Ruins, though you should check the list on the right side of the screen to ensure that Sinister Cloth is actually obtainable at the time. If the Shrine Ruins section of the menu has little blue sparkles next to it, you’ll definitely want to send the Meowcinaries then, as those sparkles denote a greater chance of uncovering rare items.

To improve your odds of bagging rare items, make sure to train up your Meowcinaries in the Dojo. If you really want them to work hard for the money, send them off with a Lagniapple. Lagniapples are somewhat rare items that you can get as rewards for certain optional quests, or occasionally growing in the wild. Treat your Meowcinaries with a Lagniapple, and they’ll try as hard as they can to bag you something rare. 

No matter how you do it, this process will probably take a little while, as the Meowcinaries won’t return until you complete a few hunts. Send them off on their merry way and carry on with your day. Hopefully, when they come back, it’ll be with a pawful of Sinister Cloth.