How to Farm Machalite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise

I guess I shouldn’t be especially surprised that monster hunting, as a profession, necessitates so many different sets of weapon and armor composed of so many different ores and minerals. This isn’t like Devil May Cry where you’ve got a demonic, nearly unbreakable sword; you can only smack a giant dinosaur so many times before you’re hand-forged sword cracks. Better weapons call for better materials, like Machalite Ore! Here’s how to farm Machalite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise.

Machalite Ore is a workhorse material in Monster Hunter Rise that lends itself to the construction of numerous solid mid-tier items. A few stand-outs include the Alloy, Wroggi, Aknosom, and Barroth armor sets, as well as a good 30 different weapons that’d take far too long to list here. Additionally, it’s also a requirement for a handful of requests, including one from Canyne Master Inukai that earns you Palamute Gear. 

How to Farm Machalite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise

Like all ores, Machalite Ore can be harvested from Mining Outcrops located around certain maps. The stuff can be found in the Lava Caverns and Flooded Forest, but as it so happens, the best place to look for it is also the earliest place to look for it: the Sandy Plains.

Machalite Ore isn’t especially rare, so you can harvest it from both blue and white Mining Outcrops located around the Sandy Plains, and they’ll refresh themselves regularly as time passes. You also don’t need to embark on a full-on hunt to make it appear; you can visit the Sandy Plains through a free-roaming Expedition to get a free run of the map. Then it’s just a matter of making a few laps around the area, smacking Mining Outcrops as you go. 

For the best, quickest means of farming Machalite Ore en masse, move into Area 1 from the starting point, then up into Area 6 in the center of the map. From Area 6, go counter-clockwise around the upper part of the map into Areas 9, 12, 10, 7, and finally back to 6. In the time it takes you to complete the full circuit, each Area’s Outcrops should replenish.