How to Farm Laurels in Destiny 2 Guardian Games

How to Farm Laurels in Destiny 2 Guardian Games
How to Farm Laurels in Destiny 2 Guardian Games

Laurels must be physically collected during the Guardian Games event in Destiny 2. There is no cap on how many Laurels spawn at once, but the Laurels will disappear after about ten seconds. Once you see them start dropping you better be ready to pick them up or they will vanish on you.

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Laurels spawn from ability kills. This means grenades, charged melees, and supers all spawn Laurels from enemies. Players getting kills around you can also spawn Laurels you can pick up, but they are only worth one unless they are the same class as you in which case they are worth three.

Technically, it is probably a good idea to get a squad together of the same class and go around mowing down enemies for the 3x Laurel bonus to get this done quicker.

Let’s take a look at one of the Guardian Games Triumps:

Great Deeds – Triumph

  • Gambit – Collect 400 Laurels
  • Strikes – Collect 500 Laurels
  • Forges – Collect 600 Laurels
  • Destinations – Collect 1000 Laurels

You might be thinking about where you can collect 1,000 Laurels for Destinations. Well, Destinations consist of many different activities like patrol areas, public events, The Reckoning, and Escalation Protocol. The latter option is where a lot of enemies spawn so you can easily grind out the Laurels in Escalation Protocol activities.

The Titan, Hunter, and Warlock all have their own methods to efficiently farm Laurels solo, and we’ll give you some examples here below.

Farming Laurels as a Titan

Get your hands on an exotic Insurmountable Skullfort. This item comes with Transfusion Matrix, which makes kills with Arc melee abilities trigger health regeneration and restore Melee energy. You can use this in Gambit to take out a ton of enemies at once and spawn dozens of Laurels.

Farming Laurels as a Warlock

If you’re a Warlock, using Crown of Tempests with Conduction Tines, you’re going to have a good time. This intrinsic makes Arc ability kills increase the recharge rate of your Arc abilities and extend the duration of Storm Trance. You can also use Warmind’s Light for the Charged with Light buff.

Utilizing Firepower Dawn Armor Mod will give you some of your grenade charges back when you throw your grenade while being charged with light. Tyrant’s Surge also can be incorporated to spawn Warmind cells for more abilities and more Laurels.

Lastly, the Lightning Strikes Twice ability synergizes well with this build by helping with the grenade recharge rate.

Farming Laurels as a Hunter

For Hunter, you can pretty much use the same exact setup as Warlock but throw on some Shinobu’s Vow gauntlets. This comes with New Tricks perk, which improves Skip Grenade, and you gain an additional Skip Grenade charge. Skip Grenade returns energy when it damages enemies.

Using all of the above tips you now farm Laurels in the Destiny 2 Guardian Games fairly easily solo or with a group. Hopefully, this helps you lead your Guardian Class to victory this week.

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