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How to Escape the Partygoers and Level Fun in Escape the Backrooms

Mum come pick me up, I'm scared!
peaking round corner in escape the backrooms
Screenshot by GJ / Fancy Games

So, you’re finally out of the boiler to find yourself in a party you weren’t invited to. Level Fun in Escape the Backrooms is a level of stealth and sprinting to escape the strange blood-curdled Partygoers. You must navigate the orange halls and hide under white plastic tables as you duck and dive your way to the exit. How can you escape the Partygoers in Level Fun in Escape the Backrooms?

Dealing with the Partygoers

The Partygoers may sound fun, but I can assure you they are not. The only party they are interested in is the one where your bowels are removed and hung up like bunting. Fun!

These creepy creatures will be stationary, waving around their balloon and nodding their heads. As long as their backs are turned to you, you’ll be safe. But if you stray into their line of sight, you’ll be spotted.

The Partygoers hunt in packs, so when one of them detects you, they will all come after you.

Partygoer finding player in escape the backrooms
Screenshot by GJ / Fancy Games

You can get horrifyingly close to them as long as you are sneaking, you can even walk right past them. But as soon as one of their faces are pointed towards you, sneaking will not save you.

When being chased by the Partygoer hordes, you must dash to your nearest table and hold control to crouch to hide under them, saving your skin. Literally.

How to escape Level Fun

When you spawn in, there will be immediate danger, aside from the possibility of going insane by the off-putting music.

Keep walking forwards until you find yourself staring at your first Partygoer’s back. Looking to the right, and there will be another. Sneaking, you can creep past them both and enter the hallway on the furthest side.

partygoer in escape the backrooms
Screenshot by GJ / Fancy Games

Walking down, you will enter a large room with two Partygoers in-sight on the right side. This bit is a little more tricky. You must keep walking forward from the hallway till you hit the end wall, at which point look right. There is seemingly an empty long hallway, but you cannot simply walk down it, as Partygoers have their eyes on it, too.

Level Fun pathway in escape the backrooms
Screenshot by GJ / Fancy Games

Sneaking, keep walking forwards until you hear the static screech, letting you know that the Partygoers are after you. Sprint forwards, taking the left at the very end of the hallway. Take the first right you can, which takes you to a room with two sets of tables to hide under. As soon as you do, the Partygoers will retreat back to their usual position.

Exiting your safety alcove, you can continue walking forward, but not for long. There will be another Partygoer. Sneaking, hug the wall around it to get to another hallway with a right turn, then another left turn.

last room in level fun in escape the backrooms
Screenshot by GJ / Fancy Games

We are almost at the end, now. This bit may be tricky, as it requires great timing.

Sprint and hide under the left set of tables. It may seem risky and impossible, but hit crouch at the right moment, and you’ll be under the table before they can grab you. The sneak yourway to the other end of the table, then quickly dash to the other set of tables.

There is a hallway on the right side of the room, and you are only one length away. Position yourself under the table so you are facing the hallway, then take a couple of shuffles to the right. You are now in a perfect position to just keep sneaking and waltz your way right into the hallway.

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Keep following the hallway down until you reach what looks like a rainbow window pane. Touch it to leave the haunted halls of the Fun Level forever.

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