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How to Escape Pipe Dreams in Escape the Backrooms

Linear progression has never been scarier.
pipe dreams in escape the backrooms
Screenshot by GJ / Fancy Games

Now that you’ve escaped the large, open habitable zone, you find yourself somewhere much narrower. And hotter. Pipe dreams resembles a boiler room that has been stretched out and trapped in an almost perpetual darkness. But what horrors lurk for you in this tiny walkway? Which direction should you go? Can you make it to the end? Here is how to escape pipe dreams in Escape the Backrooms.

How to Escape Pipe Dreams in Escape the Backrooms

When you spawn in, you are given two directions. Left, or right.

If you go left, you will eventually reach a dead-end. There are no hostile entities in that branch, it only serves to build tension and waste your time.

To exit, you must go right.

You will be walking uneventfully for a while. Even when sprinting, nothing will happen. For the sake of speed, you can sprint as much as you can until your character turns their flashlight on. To get to the end of the uneventful and empty walkway whilst sprinting, it takes just over a minute. So get cozy!

How to escape the smiler and flee pipe dreams

Pipe Dreams is a very simple level, relying on the terror of darkness in front and behind you. When you go right, you can freely sprint most of the journey without any entities coming for you. As soon as the darkness doesn’t break for the light, you’re going to want to stop sprinting.

Walking into the darkness, and your character will pop on their flashlight. Keep walking slowly forwards.

Soon, a pipe will burst in front of you. To not get burned alive, duck using left control and slowly inch forwards until you’re clear.

burst pipe in escape the backrooms
Screenshot by GJ / Fancy Games

Keep walking forwards and keep an eye out for a disturbing and frightening siren. As soon as anything can be heard, hold sprint and run. A smiler is approaching fast behind, much faster than they move in the habitable zone.

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Do not stop sprinting, even if you don’t hear the sounds anymore. Your character will not run out of stamina.

smiler in pipe dreams in escape the backrooms
Screenshot by GJ / Fancy Games

Do not look behind you, just keep running forwards. Soon enough, a passageway will open up to your right, indicated by funky music and rainbow lights. Quickly escape into the apparent safety of party music, and you will have escaped Pipe Dreams.

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