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How to Escape Fort Talos in Roblox Arcane Odyssey

Your map for confusing Fort Talos.
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Exploring the world and facing various challenges is part of the Arcane Odyssey experience. The Roblox game features many places where you need to use your wits to explore, and Fort Talos is one of them.

Unlike the name suggests, Fort Talos is not a fort but an island in the game. It is located on the Bronze Sea. Fort Talos has cannons which fire shots towards any ship coming towards the island. However, the primary problems most player’s face is when they try to escape the place in the story. Here’s a guide to help you find your way.

How to Escape Fort Talos in Roblox Arcane Odyssey

In Chapter 3, you will come across the Order of the Aesir, an evil organization and defeat its boss. After you beat the boss, you will need to escape the area. The place incredibly confusing and you can waste a ton of your time find or redoing the entire mission. Here are some steps to escape Fort Talos:

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  • Get out of the conference room where you fought the Order of the Aesir’s boss, General Argos.
  • After you leave the room, go towards the first left.
  • Keep moving straight and take a right. Enter the doorway.
  • Travel the length of the corridor, and at the end take a right.
  • You will see another corridor, keep running and take the first left.
  • Now concentrate on the walls. You’ll find a camouflaged opening.
  • Jump through the opening in the water. Swim underwater.
  • Keep swimming until you find an exit.
  • To make the swimming part easier, spam the dash ability wisely.

It is a long swim after you jump. Make sure you have enough stamina and don’t engage in unnecessary fights with any guards during your swim.

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