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How to Enable Burst Mode in New Pokémon Snap

How to Enable Burst Mode in New Pokémon Snap

Unless you’ve got an especially itchy shutter finger, it can be very annoying to snap precise photos of fast-moving Pokémon in New Pokémon Snap. Flying Pokémon like Pidgeot, Skarmory, and Talonflame can zip right through your frame before you even know what you’re looking at, usually leaving you with nothing but a shot of their hind legs. This calls for some more aggressive photography techniques! Here’s how to enable Burst Mode in New Pokémon Snap.

Burst Mode is a special feature you can unlock for your camera after beating New Pokémon Snap’s main story. To be specific, you just need to complete all of the courses sufficiently and hit all the important bits like the Illumina Spots. You don’t need to have snapped every Pokémon or seen all of their behaviors. When you clear the story, Burst Mode will be added to your camera, though unlike your other tools, activating it isn’t immediately apparent.

How to Enable Burst Mode in New Pokémon Snap

To enable Burst Mode, start on any course, then press the + button to pause the game. Open up your settings, and at the top of the Game settings tab, you’ll see the option for Burst Mode.

How to Enable Burst Mode in New Pokémon Snap - Options

Here’s how it works: Burst Mode, when enabled, turns a single press of the shutter into multiple pictures in rapid action. You can set Burst Mode to take 1, 3, 6, or 9 pictures with a single shutter press. When you press the shutter button, it’ll quickly take the number of pictures you selected, capturing multiple moments of Pokémon action. This is extremely helpful with fast and flying Pokémon, as you can take a shot while they’re still far away and catch them closer up at the tail end of your Burst. Just remember that you only have 72 pictures in your camera’s memory per course, so if you set Burst Mode for 9 pictures a press, that’s gonna be a large chunk of your photo-taking for the duration.

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