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How to Easily Farm Gold in Dark and Darker?

Get rich quick!
Gold Pile in Dark and Darker
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Dark and Darker offers an intense gaming experience that’s definitely not for the faint of heart. This hardcore fantasy FPS adventure will push your strategic thinking abilities to the limit; you’ll need to constantly be on your toes if you want to survive!

In the treacherous world of Dark and Darker, where mythical treasures wait around every corner, gold is the lifeblood of your journey. Whether you’re saving up for better armor, stronger weapons, or you simply want to be the wealthiest treasure hunter in the game, this article is your guide to farming tons of gold in Dark and Darker!

How to Get Gold in Dark and Darker?

Like most fantasy RPGs, the main currency in Dark and Darker is gold, and everyone is always trying to get their hands on more of it. If you happen to be one of Dark and Darker’s many destitute victims trying to make an extra buck, then you’re in luck! There are more than a few ways of easily farming gold in Dark and Darker.

Some of these farming methods are obviously going to be easier than others, but all of them are guaranteed to get you heaps of gold. Here are the best ways of getting gold in Dark and Darker:

  • Clear out Goblin Caves. – Goblin Caves are easily some of the best sources of gold in Dark and Darker. Not only will you earn tons of gold just by exploring them and beating their enemies, but you’ll also come across lots of Uncommon, Rare, and even Epic items that can be sold for tons of cash later on!
  • Open Treasure Hoards with Golden Keys. – Using Golden Keys to open Treasure Hoards is easily one of the quickest ways of getting a lot of gold quickly in this game. You can get Golden Keys by defeating bosses like Ghost King, Skeleton Champion, and Lich; once you’ve got one, you can use it to open Treasure Hoards, which are literally mountainous piles of precious gold and loot!
  • Mine valuable ores. – Mining is easily one of the most underrated ways of getting gold easily in Dark and Darker. For a measly 25 gold, you can buy a pickaxe from the Weaponsmith, which can then be used to mine expensive ores such as Rubysilver Ore. These ores can be sold for ridiculously high prices in the game, so don’t pass them by if you see them!

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All of these methods are fantastic ways of getting rich as fast as possible in Dark and Darer, but the easiest way has got to be mining expensive ores.

Ores can be sold at much higher prices than you’d think, and you don’t even have to go through any bosses to get them! Sure, it takes a little time, but it’s more than worth the effort.

Resting in Dark and Darker
Screenshot via IRONMACE

Where is Ore Used For in Dark and Darker?

As previously mentioned, mining and selling ores is one of the easiest ways of making money in Dark and Darker. However, these ores do have a purpose other than just selling for profit.

Ores, once mined, can be turned into powder, which can then be turned into ingots. From ingots, it can then be used to craft all kinds of gear, such as armor and clothes.

Many players choose to use the ores to craft rare gear prior to selling, as it can make them a few extra bucks by going the extra mile. Whether you choose to do the same or keep the gear for yourself is up to you, but regardless, mining ore is more than profitable in Dark and Darker!

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