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How to earn Medals in the Guardian Games in Destiny 2

How to earn Medals in the Guardian Games in Destiny 2

The Guardian Games is underway in Destiny 2, allowing players to represent their favorite class and help lead them to victory by collecting Medals. There are a few different ways to earn Medals, and the process has changed a bit since the last Games. In this guide, we’ll give you a quick rundown on how to earn Medals in the Guardian Games in Destiny 2.

There are four types of medals you can earn during the Guardian Games for completing various activities.

  • Platinum medals: Nightfall, Survival, Trial Contender Cards.
  • Gold medals: Strike, Crucible, Gambit Contender Cards.
  • Silver medals: Nightfalls, Survival, Trials.
  • Bronze medals: Strikes, Crucibles, Gambits.

How to earn Medals in the Guardian Games in Destiny 2

Players can earn Medals in the Guardian Games by completing Contender Cards, Focus Playlists, Bounties, and Triumphs. The most efficient way to get Medals is by making sure you’re always completing Contender Cards, which you can acquire with Laurels from Eva at the Tower. 

All the Medals you earn will go into your Medal Case, a Guardian Games-specific quest item. There’s a maximum capacity for Medals in your Medal Case, so make sure to turn them in before it gets full. All additional Medals past the maximum capacity are lost.

You will be turning in your medals at the podium, located at the Tower. Each Medal is worth a different number of points, varying by difficulty. Platinum Medals are worth the most at 15 points, Gold is 5 points, Silver is 2, and Bronze is 1. For every 25 points you earn, you’ll also receive a Pinnacle Reward. 

Medals are essential when it comes to contributing to your team’s success proactively. There’s no better way to show your support for your favorite class during this event. As long as you’re earning Medals efficiently by completing Contender Cards, you’re doing your job. 

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