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How to Earn Credits Quickly in Marvel Snap

I'm credit, man.
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Who would have though that a digital card game was going to take the world by storm? Well, apparently I live under a rock. In general, this type of games are not my cup of tea, but Marvel Snap has proven that even battle card strategy non-fans like me can enjoy a couple of matches battling with a large collection of Marvel characters. The main difference between this game and the other card games is quite noticeable: this is a much simpler game and doesn’t have a very steep learning curve. With that on its side, even noobs like me can get involved in a game like this. Having said that, here is how to earn credits quickly in Marvel Snap.

How to Earn Credits Quickly in Marvel Snap

With the simple gameplay and great collection of characters, Marvel Snap features a currency named “credits”. They are a big part of being able to rise up above all the other players and are used for purchasing skins and levelling up your characters. For that reason, collecting the most amount of credits is the key to winning matches and rule the world. There are a couple of ways you can do this, so here is how to earn credits quickly in Marvel Snap.

  • Claiming them for free: every time you log in every day, you will be able to collect 50 credits for free. Don’t underestimate that number, things go ballistic very quickly when it comes to persistence.
  • Completing daily and weekly missions: this is the main source of credits. Be sure to complete all missions available every day (100 credits, they vary on their objectives) and also aim for those juice weekly mission rewards (1500 credits). You will be stacking up those credit reserves in no time.
  • Play through your season pass: this is the premium way to earn credits. Advancing through the tiers on the season pass will net you 2500 credits, with potentially more credits if you exchange the 1200 gold in the store.
  • Climbing the ranked ladder: this will reward your skill more than the other methods. Go ahead and rank up, and you’ll be able to gather credits.

So, how do you plan to spend those credits? Levelling up your collection? Me personally, I’m an alternate skin type of guy, but I’m sure you’ll make the best out of your credits. Go ahead and have fun farming them!

Marvel Snap is available on Android, iOS and Windows. If you like our Marvel Snap content, be sure to check out Marvel Snap: Best On Reveal Cards and Marvel Snap: Best Ongoing Cards.

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