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How to Destroy Chica in Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach

How to Destroy Chica in Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach

Aside perhaps from Freddy himself, Chica has proven herself to be one of the most enduring foes of Five Nights at Freddy’s’ murderous stable of animatronics. She was the first one to jumpscare me way back when I played the first game, and I’ve always held something of a grudge for that. Luckily, Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach provides an opportunity to get some long overdue payback. Here’s how to destroy Chica in Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach.

Glamrock Chica is one of the animatronics stalking you throughout the Fazbear Pizzaplex, and in order to get her voice box to upgrade Freddy, you’ll need to dissuade her from… being alive. As it happens, Glamrock Chica has one fatal weakness, and if you’ve played this series from the beginning, you probably know what it is. Two words: “Let’s Eat.” 

Yep, Chica’s weakness is her stomach. According to an in-game note, Chica regularly makes a habit of sneaking out of her room after hours to shove trash down her gullet, and the one thing she can’t resist is a box of Monty’s Mystery Mix.

How to Destroy Chica in Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach

To destroy Chica in Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach

  1. Get a bowling pass from the Fazer Blast security room
  2. Get Monty’s Mystery Mix from the Bonnie Bowling kitchen
  3. Go to the kitchen behind the first floor pizza restaurant, place the Mix in the trash compactor, and activate it using the nearby generator

A box of Monty’s Mystery Mix can be found in the kitchen of Bonnie’s Bowling, located on the third floor of the Pizzaplex. The only problem is that you need a bowling pass in order to get in there. You can obtain a bowling pass from the security room in the Fazer Blast area, and while you’re there, it wouldn’t hurt to complete the Fazer Blast challenge to get the Fazer Blaster. It’ll make it a little easier to keep Chica off your back as you orchestrate her demise.

When you’ve got the pass, take the elevator to the third floor to visit Bonnie’s Bowling. Find the bowling alley’s kitchen and look in the very back to find a present on top of some cabinets, within which is Monty’s Mystery Mix. Stay on your toes; once you grab the Mystery Mix, Endoskeletons will begin prowling nearby.

Return to the ground floor of the Pizzaplex and go to the pizza and ice cream shop. There are a handful of rooms behind the shop, the most important being a kitchen with a large trash compactor. Place the Mystery Mix in the compactor, then follow the compactor’s power cable to a small generator in an adjacent room. Power up the generator, and flip the switch in front of the compactor to set Chica’s downfall in motion. Chica will enter the room, spot the Mystery Mix and begin scarfing it down, not noticing Gregory activating the compactor until it’s too late. Bye bye, birdie.

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