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How to Defeat the Nemesis Boss fight in Soulstice

Here's how to defeat her!
Nemesis boss in Soulstice
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With the Colossus now dealt with, another formidable opponent seen much earlier in the game is encountered once more as Soulstice’s toughest boss yet as found in Chapter 22. Nemesis is even more involved than the Colossus with quite a few more scenes and stages to her battle. Here’s how to best tackle her!

How to Defeat Nemesis

Aim on closing the distance between Briar, Lute and Nemesis. She will be quick to send out floating orbs she creates that pursue Briar. Attack it with the corresponding color using Lute’s Fields to successfully stop them in its tracks before they explode on Briar, or simply outrun them. By focusing on downing Nemesis by chipping away at her purple barrier, she will be incapacitated and totally vulnerable. Give her everything you’ve got when she is down and sometimes depending on if you have stacked attacks from her orbs, you can utilise Unity.

Unleash everything at your disposal with whatever weapon hits her the hardest. Rinse and repeat. She will eventually start to create a dome around her. Attack it with the corresponding color until it breaks and press ‘B’ for Lute’s slow move to further add damage to knocking it down and incapacitating Nemesis once again. Go for her when she is knocked down by destroying the barrier in this stage. Dodge the attacks coming from within it if you fail to activate Lute’s slow move.

By the time she is half health, she will introduce a new move where she floats at the very top of the stage. Getting to her requires climbing to where she hovers. Do this in the same way that the platforming during exploring works – turn on Lute’s Evocation Field for the blue platforms and turn it off when you are on normal grounded floating platforms. Remain in the air when hitting her by tapping Lute’s field ability on and off to conserve energy and reapply it to stay on the blue platform just below Nemesis at the top.

After consecutive hits on her to bring her down to the ground floor, she will once again be too exhausted to fight back for a few seconds, so go all in! When Demian takes over, he will make copies of Nemesis, so try to aim for the real one to put her down quicker. You’ll want to get the illusions destroyed if they are hitting you too often or too heavily. Getting down the purple shield if it’s low is the priority to make the existing illusions disappear as soon as she’s knocked down once again.

When she flies up into the air to unleash repeated beams, simply dodge and move to the safe spaces where her attack won’t land. All these moves will orientate until you kill her completely.

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