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All Steam and Xbox Achievements and How to Achieve Them in Soulstice

Here's a full rundown on what they are and how to obtain them.
Battle scene in Soulstice

Soulstice is out today and comes with 40 achievements to get and unlock on the Steam and Xbox system. There are no differences between the two platforms. Here we have marked down what their titles are and how you can unlock all of them to put towards completing the game in its entirety.

All Steam and Xbox Achievements and How to Achieve Them in Soulstice

  1. May the Torchbearer light our way – Complete Chapter 1
  2. A powerful aura was here – Witness the first Echo
  3. Rumors are true – Meet Donovan
  4. We’ll be careful – Obtain the Rapture state
  5. Back to your senses – Recover from the Berserk state
  6. They tricked me – Battle and survive the Weavers boss fight
  7. We need to talk – Encounter Donovan after learning about Briar and Lute’s past
  8. I feel drawn to it – Fight and beat the Colossus boss and obtain his crystal
  9. Here to stay – Meet Hannah
  10. Counting on you – Fight and beat the Nemesis boss and obtain her crystal
  11. This is the end – See the very last memory in the game
  12. We can choose to fight – Complete the game
  13. No damsels in distress – Complete the game on Knight difficulty
  14. The immortal is bound to reborn – Complete the game on Chimera difficulty
  15. A legend among Chimeras – Complete the game on Transcended difficulty
  16. It’s only pain – Upgrade Briar’s health to the maximum level
  17. I know how to handle it – Upgrade Entropy to the maximum level
  18. The touch of Chaos – Discover the first void challenge
  19. Settle this once and for all – Complete all void challenges
  20. The Ashen Knight – Purchase all of Briar’s skills via Layton’s shop
  21. The Shade – Purchase of Lute’s skills via Layton’s shop
  22. They won’t last long – Defeat 500 Corrupted
  23. Through the Veil – Defeat 500 Wraiths
  24. Call this the Judge’s mercy – Defeat 500 Possessed
  25. Pride is a sin, young Knight – Defeat more enemies than Donovan in Chapter 4
  26. There’s too many of them! – Lute destroys all of the Arrowhead clones during the boss fight in Chapter 5
  27. Their fate is sealed – Do not allow either Weaver during the boss fight to revive the other one
  28. Not even from this world – Find the stranger from another world
  29. Your wounds… They are healing so fast! – Without using any items, regain more than half of Briar’s health by killing enemies in a single fight
  30. Bring it on! – Obtain the Diamond ranking within any chapter on any difficulty
  31. I’ve been waiting for this! – Complete all void challenges with a Diamond ranking
  32. You want more? I’ve got more! – Complete any chapter on the Knight difficulty or higher without ever taking damage
  33. I’m just warming up – Complete the game on Initiate difficulty with a Platinum chapter ranking or higher overall
  34. We learned it the hard way – Complete the game on Knight difficulty with a Platinum chapter ranking or higher overall
  35. They wanted yet another monster… – Complete the game on Chimera difficulty with a Platinum chapter ranking or higher overall
  36. Something… unnatural – Defeat the Harbinger boss on Transcended difficulty with a Diamond chapter rating
  37. We strike as one – Perform one Synergy attack with each weapon within a single chapter
  38. Chaos be damned! – Perform all four Rapture finisher moves
  39. I took a risk – Finish a fight in Rapture mode with the last attack being the finishing move
  40. Let’s raise the stakes!! – Obtain at least 3000 points in a single fight as bonuses

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