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How to Defeat the Colossus Boss Fight in Soulstice

Ready to finally beat that cocky head of the Colossus in Soulstice?
Colossus boss in Soulstice
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The battle to the death with the Colossus is the first major story relevant boss fight to happen in Soulstice. This means that a lot more is needed when going into the fight if you want to get a high score ranking for its chapter or to even get out of it alive. Here’s how you want to tackle and defeat the menacing Colossus of Soulstice as found within Chapter 16.

How to Survive the Colossus Boss Fight

The Colossus boss is a beefy one. He’s the first boss with protection so strong it has its own bar! Keep an eye on the purple bar which you will first chip away at. You can maintain a good distance from him by attacking him with Hallowed Hunter until the barrier breaks enough for you to swoop in and attack in close combat.

Use Heavy Dealing Weapons

Use any heavy-dealing weapons to get his purple shield down completely. This will incapacitate him for a few seconds, then unleash everything you have on him! This can be with any and all weapons but the Ashen Enforcer continues to deal the heaviest damage at least from my own experience but this can depend on if you have prioritized maxing out other weapons.

The Colossus will try to swing at you in close proximity, so if you are wanting to spice up your gameplay rather than depending on the monotonous long-ranged attacks, ensure to pull off as many slow moves from Lute with a successfully timed press with the ‘B’ prompt when it appears. This will allow you to wrap around him and attack his backside and avoid the attacks that he lays down in front of him.

Avoid His Attacks

His attacks will change up once you get his health down enough as his brother takes over. This will make it so that you cannot attack the Colossus at all, so simply keep away and avoid all of his attacks. Do this until you have the go-ahead in moving toward the Colossus’ head on its two sides. On the red side, attack using Lute’s Banishment Field, and on the blue side, activate Lute’s Evocation Field to successfully assault this version of the Colossus and bring out his more vulnerable form.

Rinse and repeat the previous tactics to destroy the Colossus!

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