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How to Defeat All Archangels in Cassette Beasts

Archangels will be heading for the hills after you read this guide.
Cassette Beasts How to beat all archangels
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Cassette Beasts is surely an interesting turn-based combat game that reminds us a great deal of various Pokemon adventures. In this game you need to collect different monsters that will fight for you and that you will use to defeat enemies. However, unlike Pokemon that have their own personal evolutions, here you can fuse any two monsters for an even stronger creature that will fight for you.

Finding and killing all Archangels in Cassete Beasts is a necessary part of one quite time-consuming quest called Land of Confusion. Read on to find out how you can defeat All Archangels in Cassete Beasts.

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Beating All Archangels in Cassette Beasts

There are 12 Archangels in total in Cassete Beasts and we’re bringing a comprehensive guide that will tell you how to grab a win vs these creatures. Keep in mind that even though you will be able to fight some of them at any time, some will only be available before you locate the final station.

Here are all the Archangels and how to defeat them:


Go to Mourningtown and keep Kayleigh in your party as you fight through and eventually, you will encounter Archangel Mourningstar. This boss prefers to use a lot of ranged moves and focuses mainly on Broadcast, Judgement attack, and Walls. We suggest you pick multi-shot attack units to deal with the Wall and Fuse monsters as soon as possible to reduce the damage he can do with his Broadcast.

He likes to spawn an apple tree in front of him to absorb any kind of damage going his way and there’s no going around it so try and destroy it as soon as you can. The best lineup to face Mourningstar is Earth and Plastic monsters with strong ranged attacks. He is a lightning type of monster so his attack will deal reduced damage to those two categories of enemies.


Poppetox is a Skeleton Archangel located in the New Wirral Park, Glowcester Road Station. When you go inside, you will find a small dungeon that will upon completion allow you to access Platform B where you will encounter Poppetox.

Poppetox is one tricky boss. He will create two figurines and every time when it’s his turn he will blink to one of their locations, trying to confuse you. As if this wasn’t enough, if you don’t follow his movement closely, and hit the effigy/figurine instead of the Poppetox you will get damage return. However, there’s a bright light here for you. He will cast a spotlight on the figurine on which he intends to blink so you can anticipate his moves and still attack the Archangel.

What we can advise you to do is to use as many stat-reducing abilities on him as you can and fuse your monsters because he has a powerful multi-attack that allows him to strike multiple units in one move and possibly wipe out some of them. By having one strong unit you are rendering at least one of his abilities useless.

Nowhere Monarch

Archangel Nowhere Monarch is part of Meredith’s quest “All I Ever Need” and you will find this guy in the Falldown Mall. He is tricky to beat but his moves are predictable so that can give you an upper hand. He will first use his regular attacks, after a couple of moves he will spawn summons to fight by his side, and after 10 moves or so he will blow them both up dealing heavy damage to you. This puts you in a situation where it really isn’t worth it to attack those summons as he will eventually destroy them himself.

Once the above-mentioned cycle is completed he just resets and does the same. As with every Archangel when you notice that they are going to use their most powerful ability, throw up some walls in front of yourself to protect your team.


A cube-like Archangel that you can find in Waterloop Station is a peculiar type of enemy. It has a damage return ability that reflects melee damage so you need to use as many ranged monsters as you can (preferably all). His multi-attacks Brick Blast and Frustim Cull have your whole party as a target. Brick Blast dashes out a Plastic attack against everyone in your team and can best be countered by early Fusion (i.e. fewer targets that are tankier) and/or Fire monsters that resist Plastic damage.

So the lesson is – don’t get close and fuse to tankier units to improve your survivability.


Yes, this Archangel is based on “Alice in Wonderland” but in this game, you’ll find her in Cherry Cross Station. Alice’s tactic is simple – quick draining of your AP so she can use her strongest ability as soon as possible.

What is interesting about her is that she uses a duo of abilities called “Eat Me” and “Drink Me”. The former gives her increased attack with reduced Evasion (inflates her), and the latter decreases her attack but increases her defensive capabilities (deflates her). Try strategizing around those so when she uses “Eat Me” try and hit her with all you got and use any spells you have in your inventory that you usually don’t use due to poor accuracy. In a similar fashion when she’s increasing Evasion with “Drink Me” try and focus on your team. Heal up, put up some walls, and use any buffs you might have until she comes back to being a normal Alice.

Her ultimate attack deals up to 250 damage so if you don’t have any walls put up by then, you will surely lose a monster.


Archangel Mammon is the leader of “Landkeepers” and can be found in their HQ. You can fight him if you follow Eugene’s quest called “Acting on Your Best Behavior”. When it comes to fighting this capitalist boss, you should know that his skills are primarily single-target with the exception of Market Clash, which is his most powerful spell and it lashes out against your whole party.

Pay special attention to the moment when he uses Leverage because even though that skill increases his attack, it lowers his defenses so that’s when he’s most vulnerable. It would maybe be best if you saved some of your strongest abilities for this moment.

Overall, he isn’t a tough boss to fight and you should be able to beat him with Fusion and without it.

Robin Goodfellow

The Shakespearian goblin Archangel Robin Goodfellow can be found at Bard Street Station. He isn’t too difficult to fight because most of his abilities don’t deal immense damage but combating him still requires a strategy.

Robin Goodfellow’s abilities revolve around disabling and rebuffing your characters. His Trick ability is a tricky one you could say (pun intended) because it puts a random status ailment on your character so you can never know how to prepare for it. Since he will be shooting out a lot of disabling abilities to your characters, Fusion wouldn’t be a smart choice here since it’s more difficult (or even impossible) for him to disable your whole team. On the other hand, if you Fuse he can then control your single monster quite easily.

Focus on using save abilities for your team (if you have any) to remove his ailments and watch out for his ultimate Fairy Horde that deals heavy damage.


This Archangel is full of bad jokes and powerful attacks. You will find Babelith in Icelington Station, on top of Mt Wirral. Even though he does really have an ability called bad joke which is nothing more than a bad joke, his other abilities are actually great (for him).

He has an arsenal of decent single-attack abilities as well as AoE attacks that will deal damage to your whole party. This makes it impossible to say whether Fusion is great here or not. You would have to switch between fusing your characters and having them separated depending on which phase of the fight you’re in. His ultimate, True Illumination, shoots at one target so it would be best that you have used Fusion by the time he got his AP bar full.

You would need to provide your team with plenty of sustain and healing abilities because this fight won’t be a quick one.

Lamento Mori

You will find the skeleton Lamento Mori in Aldgrave Tomb Station. This creepy flying skeleton with deer antlers will use a bunker strategy to defend himself, meaning his abilities focus more on sustaining his own life than going for strong attacks that would nuke your monsters.

Lamento Mori will be spamming Beast Wall which protects him from damage and costs him his health in combination with Life Absorb to drain HP from your monsters back onto himself. Use multi-attacks against him so that you can bring an end to those annoying walls and finish him off sooner, and since his abilities focus on single targets your best bet is to use Fusion as soon as possible.

His ultimate, Death Ray deals heavy damage to a single target but it’s not as devastating as the ultimate of some other Archangels. Lastly, don’t let his Ritual ability surprise you – when you deal a killing blow he will resurrect at 25% HP so incorporate that in your strategy before encountering him.


Archangel Aleph is the main protagonist of the game, also known as The Red King of Conquest which you’ll find in Night’s Bridge Station. As you can expect, the main nemesis of the game won’t give you an easy time.

His abilities include strong single and multi-target attacks, damage increases, and debuffs that he can cast on himself to clear any damaging effects. But the biggest issue for you will be his ability called Prismatic which allows Aleph to switch types. This way you can’t have any guarantees that you have a perfectly planned out strategy against him since his resistance and weaknesses will constantly change. Moreover, he will have a damage return ability active so watch your health carefully bar at all times.

Your best bet in this battle is to bring in your tankiest units so you can avoid easy knockouts that Aleph can deal within a second, especially when he uses his most powerful ability Deus Ex Calibur. Walls will also play a crucial role in saving your monsters from an early demise.

Aleph Null

If you thought that it was all over by defeating the main protagonist, well it’s not. Aleph summons the other nine Archangels he recruited and merges with them to become an octopus-like creature. He will mainly use straightforward damage attacks and won’t have an array of different abilities as he had in his normal form.

However, since Aleph gets a backup, the game decided that you get a backup as well. You will be able to use every party member you have in this battle (except your partner) and for this combat, they will have monsters that they equipped last. This gives you an opportunity to create an almighty team to deal with this merged nuisance called Archangel Aleph Null.

The strategy for beating him will be pretty straightforward, since as we said he doesn’t focus here on any other spells than his main (and pretty devastating) attack. So besides trying to keep as much of your units alive, give him all you got. This is the time in the game where you unleash every strong ability you got and you should be able to finish him off pretty easily.


You will find Archangel Morgante in Harbotown Station. Morgante is a secret boss level 100 that will give you some trouble when you fight her. Our advice before fighting her is that you fuse everyone that you can before the fight since you won’t be able to do it during the combat. Bring with you any kind of healing you can, since she hits pretty hard and ideally focus on using monsters that have AP-draining abilities. When you drain Morgante’s AP she won’t be able to use many of her abilities, especially her ultimate which is a giant win right off the bat for you.

However, when she accumulates some AP and starts to dash out damage through abilities make sure you spawn a wall and hide behind it. Mitigating and blocking her damage is vital for survival here. Also, try not to get caught in the need to hit her too much. Land a couple of hits in situations when you notice she is open and go back to defensive mode immediately. Many have fallen for being greedy and wanting to complete this mission quickly.

We hope you enjoyed our guide. For more content on Cassette Beasts see our article How to Fly in Cassette Beasts. Get more exciting guides and news about new and upcoming games by following us on Facebook.

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