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How to Deal With Rats in Amnesia: The Bunker

These Rats pack a hell of a bite
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Amnesia: The Bunker carries an immense amount of pressure at all times. This is highly due to the fact that whatever you do, regardless of how quiet you may be, the Beast is always one step behind you. As you progress through the game by finding tools or hitting the primary objectives of obtaining the Detonator and Dynamite, you may find that the Beast grows more aggressive. But whilst you may have come up with ways of diverting his attention elsewhere, there are moments when everything comes down to the boss fight between yourself and the Rats that block your path forward. These guys are so annoying that I completely see why the world refers to them as vermin. After playing through this game multiple times now, I can tell you exactly what you can do to deal with Rats in Amnesia: The Bunker.

How to Handle Rats in Amnesia: The Bunker

The Rats in appear in specific spots around the Bunker. You can often find them munching on the corpse of one of your fallen comrades or having some rotted meat and cheese. They will always be in a spot that blocks a one-way route. For some bizarre reason, your comrades died in tunnels, corridors and directly in the centre of rooms, surrounded by booby-traps. How annoying.

Quietest Methods of Dealing with Rats

For those just starting Amnesia: The Bunker, we highly recommend that you locate Giraud’s Dog Tag to get the Lighter from the Mission Storage Lockers. For a full guide on where to find his code, see here. The Lighter allows you to create Torches that the Rats fear.

You can also use Flares if the Lighter is not an option right now, likely due to the spawn point of Giraud’s Dog Tag moving or the Torch and Lighter taking up too much space on your limited Inventory. We will say that you can find Pocket Bags that extend your Inventory Slots, you can find these in the Soldiers Quarters, Maintenance and Officer Quarters. Flares are a great place to start as Rats also fear the light from this. However, if you use these, be sure to avoid stepping directly on the Flare as it will damage you. Finally, the last quiet way of dealing with Rats are Gas Grenades and Meat. Gas Grenades deal a lot of damage to you and take a while to lift, for that reason we only recommend these if you have the Gas Mask.

The best place to pick up Meat is inside the Pantry of Maintenance. However, this is best used in the Workshop Tunnel to get into the Storage Hub for the Pillbox Key. Using a combination of all of these methods is best to be completely honest with you. It depends solely on where you are, what you have brought with you, what space you have in your Inventory and what is best used in the current circumstances. You need to be aware of where the Beast is at all times before you attempt to deal with Rats. Some Rats are placed in positions that are harder to clear than others, such as the Maintenance entrance, linking the Infirmary to the Central Bunker. These Rats sit directly next to a hole for the Beast to use.

Avoid Rats by Creating a New Path

Rats such as these are best handled with Torches, Flares and Gas Grenades. But other instances call for different techniques. Such as the Rats inside the Soldiers Quarters. Sometimes you can completely avoid these by taking a different route, either knocking down a locked door nearby or jumping over a booby-trap. Yes these methods are louder but, they offer a new route away from the Rats so that if the Beast comes, you do not have to go through the Rats to get to safety.

Do Rats Respawn in Amnesia: The Bunker?

Regardless of the situation, if you manage to get past the Rats killing, scaring with fire or gassing them out, the Rats will always return. What is interesting is that the Rats are actually terrified of the Beast and you can use this to your advantage to clear them and head for a hiding spot before the Beast arrives. This is a method that can be used in corridors or in the Arsenal. Because the Rats always come back if you leave the area and return, you should opt for either going around them by creating new paths, scaring them with Torches, Flares and Gas Grenades or luring them away with Meat. There is no point in wasting ammo, Frag Grenades unless you are trying to get somewhere or something quickly and you can spare the weaponry.

Rats either block paths or are standing over Dog Tags which can often hold soldier codes on them. You need these for the Mission Storage Lockers. Take a look at our other Amnesia: The Bunker guides for specific codes needed for items such as the Wrench, Valve, Bolt Cutters.

Looking for more Amnesia: The Bunker guides? We have more available here. Alternatively, check out GJ related articles in the Horror section here. Thank you for reading this guide!

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