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How to Customize Car in Lego 2K Drive

Imagination comes from within.
Lego 2K Drive
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Are you obsessed with Legos almost as much as we are? We love anything to do with Legos because of the amount of creativity that comes with it. It’s the original Minecraft in our opinion. You could build castles, shops, figures, and cars. It makes sense that there would be a game focusing on customizing your own Lego cars in Lego 2K Drive. Build your own customizable cars and race with others in this racing game. Here’s how you can customize your own car in Lego 2K Drive.

Customizing Your Own Car in Lego 2K Drive

Customizing cars is a fun addition to racing games. Plenty of racing games have them and customizing your own car in a Lego game is even more fun. The vehicles you create are perfect in every shape or form because they come straight from your imagination. Are you stuck on Lego 2K Drive and you want to learn how to customize your own car? Look no further.

If you want to build a car or boat you’ll need to head for the garage on your home screen. The garage will show all the vehicles you have earned in the past and have unlocked. If you missed your opportunity to head for the garage option and you’re already playing the game you can drive your car into a physical garage for the same features. Here are the steps to customizing your own Lego 2K Drive car:

  • Click on the Create option
  • Choose your vehicle type (street, off-road, or water)
  • Click on Body Shop (Build, Group, Paint, Customize options available)
  • Click on Customize if you want to add stickers or animations

How to Build the Best Car in Lego 2K Drive

The best car is subjective because whatever car that enters your imagination should be considered the best. It’s really a matter of personal preference. A few options you want to look into when building your car are whether or not they have great stats. You should focus on stats that will boost your speed and give you control over your vehicle.

Try playing around with the top speed, acceleration, and handling options. You can unlock stats by playing or purchasing them using Brick Bucks. Once you have chosen the necessary stats for your dream car you will need to hit save and showcase it in the showroom. If you need to give it some upgrades you can always go back and alter it however you like.

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