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How to Customize Appearance in Midnight Suns

Hunt evil, look good doing it.

One of the big pulls of Marvel’s Midnight Suns is that the main protagonist character, the Hunter, is fully created by you, the player. Their face, body, outfit, and that other good stuff are entirely up to you. If you wanna style on Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, that’s up to you if you think you can pull it off. Here’s how to customize appearance in Midnight Suns.

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How to Customize Appearance in Midnight Suns

When you first start Midnight Suns’ campaign, you’ll get the chance to customize Hunter’s appearance from scratch. You’ve got fine control over multiple parts of their character, including:

  • Body type
  • Face
  • Skin tone
  • Eye color
  • Hair, hair color, highlights, and roots
  • Eyebrow color
  • Facial hair and color

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In addition to Hunter’s physical appearance, you can also create two separate outfits for them to wear: a casual outfit while they’re hanging around in the Abbey, and a combat outfit for, well, combat. You can freely customize your outfit whenever you’re in the Abbey by interacting with the wardrobe in Hunter’s personal room. Do note, though, that you’ll need to fight the game’s first boss about an hour in before you get access to the wardrobe.

Can You Change Your Character’s Appearance Later in the Game?

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Unfortunately, once you create your initial character at the start of the game, you’re stuck with them for the most part. You cannot customize your face, body type, or other physical attributes after the initial creation period.

That said, there are some aspects you can tweak later on. Aside from your Abbey and combat outfits, which feature multiple individual pieces and full sets for you to unlock and try on, you can also use your wardrobe to customize the appearance of your blades, your makeup, props like sunglasses, and your face sigils once you’ve unlocked them. You can also customize any of your teammates’ Abbey and combat outfits as well, though unlike with Hunter, you can’t mess with their faces. I don’t think Tony Stark would look good in mascara anyway.

Make sure you’ve got Hunter the way you like them when you first make them, because you’re going to be looking at that face for the entire game. Unless you can unlock a mask for them, at least.

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