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How to complete the Espionage Mission in Warhammer 40K: Darktide

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Warhammer 40K: Darktide, there are numerous missions available on the Mission Terminal at any one time. They refresh and swap around to keep fresh. So sometimes you may see that an Espionage mission is available, which is a far cry from the usual assassinations and strikes and raids you may have gotten used to doing. The mechanics of the mission are also different. Here is how to complete an Espionage mission in Warhammer 40K: Darktide.

How to complete Espionage Missions in Warhammer 40K: Darktide

The point of the Espionage missions is to upload false data into the heretic’s cogitator array, to thwart their plans and give them a disadvantage. To d so, you’ll need to do some investigating and interrogating of your own.

Collecting the Cypher Ident

Firstly, you must find and collect the Cypher Ident, which is vital to uploading the false information. The first part of the mission is simply massacring your way through heretics until you get to the desired location.

servo skull in darktide
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When you are there, the objective will tell you to deploy a Servo Skull. Once deployed, follow it. Once it has vaguely detected the Cypher Ident, it will pause. At this point, you all will be able to equip and use an Auspex.

Enemies will swarm the position, so only one or two operatives should be using their Auspex. Once equipped (by pressing 4), right click to scan the environment and left click to push it forwards to hit enemies. When scanning, green orbs will float around the screen. You need to pick the closest green orb and follow it.

The device will will indicate when you are pretty close, and soon the green orb will practically be under you. At that point, start looking around you on the floor or on very close walls. The Cypher Ident will be a random object around you and will glow green. Scan the object to acquire the ident.

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With the Cypher Ident, return to the Servo Skull and upload the data. You will now proceed to the Cogitator Array.

Bypassing Security

When you arrive, you will activate the procedure on the machine, however the system’s security will stop the process. Objective markers will reveal locations on Security Stacks. You must make your way to them and deploy a Data-Interrogator. You may be required to deploy more on different Security Stacks during the process. You must protect them whilst waiting for them to bypass security.

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Once the Security Stacks have been interrogated, make your way back to the Cogitator Array .

Upload the False Intel

Finally, you must now protect the Cogitator Array as enemies swarm your position. Use the bridges at chokepoints to slaughter them before they enter the building.

Soon enough, the data will be uploaded and you can flee the area, the mission a resounding success. Well done, reject.

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