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How to Complete Recon Flyover in Warzone 2.0 DMZ

The Silent Killer
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Unlike the nostalgic use of using the Recon Drone to ambush players from above by placing C4 onto the Drone’s back, DMZ brings this Field Update into the spotlight via its Faction Missions. With the focus being on tagging the common Al Mazrah enemies on the Map through the use of the Drone’s targeting system and silently attacking from all angles with your Suppressed Weapon, ‘Recon Flyover’ is a nice change of pace to the DMZ Faction Missions. This Mission has remained part of the Factions however it has been moved into the Crown Faction which is only accessible for those who have purchased Modern Warfare 2. This is our guide on how to complete the Tier 1 Crown Mission ‘Recon Flyover’.

How to Complete ‘Recon Flyover’

Where to Obtain the Recon Drone

The quickest and easiest way to obtain a Recon Drone is actually within your Loadout. So before even heading out into the DMZ, you should edit your Loadout. Where most players will bring with them a Munitions Box to replenish ammo in the deployment, especially as most Faction Missions ask you to bleed through a lot of your supplies, this Mission does not require this. Therefore, players should go into their Field Upgrades within their Loadout and select Recon Drone here. That way you are going straight into your deployment and ticking off the first objective before you even begin. If you were wondering if this ticked off the objective before you enter the match it does, just refer to your Mission Tracking on the right-hand side of the screen.

How to Tag 10 Enemies With the Recon Drone

The next objective asks you to use the Recon Drone, specifically in Hafid Port. This can be used in any part of the named location. To make sure that you are in the correct area, refer to the centre top bar on your screen which will provide you with your location on foot. We recommend staying on the north side of Hafid Port, along the coastline. You can even go into the water to avoid being spotted by AI or Operators in the area whilst using the Recon Drone.

When your POV is inside the Drone, head to the Car Park area on the north-side of Hafid Port, enemy AI should be in this area. To tag these enemies you simple need to point your analog stick/mouse cursor on their bodies and wait 3 seconds for the tag to be made. You can keep circling this group if there are not 10 enemies here and continuously tag them when the tag goes. If this does not work, simply fly to another spot as the Port is a popular spawning point for common Al-Qatala Soldiers to render in.

How to Kill 10 Enemies at Hafid Port

The final objective asks you to kill 10 enemies within Hafid Port. These can be the same enemies you have tagged on the Recon Drone. However, your crucial requirement is to have a Weapon that has a Suppressor on it. Therefore, when obtaining the Recon Drone in your Loadout before deployment, make sure that you have an Insured Weapon equipped with a Suppressor attachment to hit this final objective. Whilst this Mission does not need to be completed within a single deployment you can easily do so.

You should focus on taking out the common Al-Qatala Soldiers in the Port as these are incredibly easy to take out. Utilize the Suppressor by repositioning and holding cover to remain harder to spot by the enemy AI in the area. You can go anywhere within Hafid Port, although we recommend avoiding the Pier as Operators could be in the area. Keep within the warehouse and residential areas to use buildings as cover or a means of escaping. As Al-Qatala Soldiers do not have armor you should be able to obtain those kills quick enough to complete ‘Recon Flyover’ within 10 minutes of your deployment.

That was our guide on how to complete the Tier 1 Crown Faction Mission ‘Recon Flyover’ in Warzone 2.0 DMZ Season 2. For more DMZ content and guides, feel free to check out our website for more.

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