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How to Complete Livening Up the Flowers in New Pokemon Snap

There are many LenTalk requests to complete in New Pokemon Snap, which are basically our quests and challenges. Each level contains lots of Pokemon that can do different things each time you visit. One of the earlier requests is to get a special picture of Florges. It’s a fairly easy quest, as long as you know what to look for when you’re there. Here’s how to complete Livening Up the Flowers in New Pokemon Snap.

The LenTalk request reads, “Sometimes Florges seems to gather natural power from its surroundings. Would you mind getting a photograph of this striking behavior?”

How to Complete Livening Up the Flowers in New Pokemon Snap

To complete the Livening Up the Flowers LenTalk request in New Pokemon Snap, you’ll need to head into the Florio Nature Park (Day) area. The area you want to pay attention to is all the way near the end of the level, in the flower field to your right with the Vivillon and Comfey. You should see a Florges (No. 023), the Fairy-type Pokemon, in the flowers. It will usually turn toward you and give you a wave, but we’re looking for a particular action to complete this challenge.

If you leave Florges alone and let it do its thing, it will eventually begin channeling some energy. Some green beams of light will surround it, and that’s the moment you want to snap a picture. Make sure to grab a few pictures of Florges doing this action, so you can select your best one for Professor Mirror at the end of the run. 

When you finish up, show the Professor your best shot. You should receive credit for Livening Up the Flowers after you turn it in. That’s how to complete Livening Up the Flower! I hope this helps you out if you’re having trouble.

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