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How to complete Full Disclosure in Cyberpunk 2077

Full Disclosure is a side job from Sandra Dorsett in the Watson part of Night City. She’s a character you rescued from the scavengers back at the beginning of Cyberpunk 2077. You probably remember the early quest with Jackie, where you found Sandra lying in a bathtub full of ice, nearly dead. Anyway, you’ll need to find her Databank in a scavenger hideout in Watson. Here’s where to find Sandra’s Databank and how to complete Full Disclosure in Cyberpunk 2077.

How to complete Full Disclosure in Cyberpunk 2077

The Full Disclosure side job becomes active early on in the game. Pull up your journal and begin tracking it. You’ll find Sandra’s Databank in a scavenger hideout in Watson. The hideout is a hostile area, but you can quickly clear the house stealth or through brute force. The choice is yours.

Where is Sandra’s Databank?

Sandra’s Databank is in the backroom on the first floor. You’ll need to take out the one enemy on the couch as soon as you walk in the side door. From there, head into the next room, and you can see the Databank sitting on an Arasaka crate. Grab it, and then give Sandra a call to let her know you found it. You may be able to inspect what’s on the encrypted shard by hacking it, but I chose not to do that.

After calling Sandra, she’ll reluctantly ask you to visit her to drop off her Databank. Her apartment is nearby, and you can Fast Travel right next to it or drive over there in a minute or two. She is rightfully paranoid and makes sure nobody followed you. Enter her apartment, and drop off the Databank to receive your reward and complete the quest. She’ll throw in some extra rewards for not sneaking a peek at the shard. I got €$800 Eurodollars, 257 XP, and 577 Street Cred for completing Full Disclosure.

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