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How to Complete Echoing Nightmare in Diablo 3

Take part in this end-game mode!
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Diablo 3 is a great RPG game for novice players to get into, as it is an immersive dungeon-crawler that is very forgiving to new players – unless you try Hardcore mode, in which case don’t die! In the game released in 2012, you will play in a timeline that takes place 20 years after Diablo 2, and must choose one of the seven available classes to base your character off of. Your goal is to destroy the Lord of Terror, also named Diablo, and defeat all other enemies along the way while you work to stay alive under constant threat of death. In this guide we will cover how to take part in the Echoing Nightmare gamemode, which is an end-game event that we only recommend for veteran Diablo 3 players.

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How Do You Beat Echoing Nightmare in Diablo 3?

Image provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Okay, so let’s set one thing clear before we get into the midst of things. Experienced players will already know this, but the Echoing Nightmare gamemode cannot actually be “completed” or “defeated” in the game. It is an endless wave-based combat game where players will need to survive for as long as they possibly can against an ever-increasing amount of enemies. In order to enter Echoing Nightmares, you will need to transmute a Petrified Scream at Kanai’s Cube, and you can get these items from Rift Guardians.

In order to enter Echoing Nightmare you will need to be at least Level 70 in Diablo 3, and it is recommended that you are fighting in a group. The more players who are with you, the longer your group will survive and the higher your score will be. You can actually share the portal to an Echoing Nightmare with others in your group, meaning you need less Petrified Screams to enter one. You will fight monsters at random in this gamemode, and they are chosen at the beginning of a round. Therefore you could end up with super easy Echoing Nightmares one day, and the next you barely survive past the first few waves.

The best strategy for scoring as high as possible in an Echoing Nightmare is to kill enemies right away when they spawn, and it is important to keep in mind that monster health and damage will only cap once you reach wave 150. Until then, they get progressively stronger and also regardless of their level they will not drop health globes, gold or other items. Good luck in your mission, and make sure to not try this event alone!

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