How to Check Pity in Honkai Star Rail

Understanding pity in Honkai Star Rail
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Are you tired of getting light cones? Are you wanting to get a five-star character and you can’t figure out the pity system in Honkai Star Rail? The appeal to games such as Genshin Impact and other gacha-influenced games is the opportunity to either get high-tiered weapons or your favorite characters. We can’t tell you how many times we have tried wishing to get Arataki or Zhongli on Genshin Impact.

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If you want to get a jump start on how to spend your currency to convert to star rail passes for characters, keep reading. Here’s how you can check your pity in Honkai Star Rail so you can roll for your favorite character.

How to Check Pity and Understand the Pity System in Honkai Star Rail

In every gacha-style game, there is a pity system. If you want to roll for your favorite character or a high-ranking character you need to understand the pity system.

Rolling for certain characters requires you to spend in-game currency and sometimes they’re not always guaranteed. The pity system in Honkai Star Rail isn’t difficult to understand so let’s break it down for you.

There are different banners available for you now where you can earn characters and light cones. Light cones are used to boost character stats in battle. Characters that are ranked five stars are harder to get versus four-star characters.

If you want a five-star character you’re going to need to roll 90 warps for every five-star character. If you want just any character, for every 10 warps you roll, you’re guaranteed a four-star character.

If you want to check your pity status you can always check your history of the warp you recently received. In order to do this just click on your records button on the banner you’re wanting to spend star rail passes on.

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What are Banners in Honkai Star Rail?

There are a total of four banners available on Honkai Star Rail. Those banners are Character Event Warp, Light Cone Event Warp, Stellar Warp, and Departure Warp. Limited-time banners are the Character Event Warps and the Light Cone Event Warps.

You’re going to need to spend light rail passes at least 90 times if you want to get a five-star character. For the permanent banners, you will only need to spend 80 light rail passes to get a five-star character. Once you’ve gotten those high-ranking characters, your pity refreshes and you’ll start from the bottom, but pity does carry over between banners.

You should also make note that there is a 0.6% chance you can get a five-star character during the event’s limited banners. If you’re only looking for light cones, then there is a 0.8% chance to receive a rare light cone drop.

What are Light Cones in Honkai Star Rail?

Light Cones are a gameplay mechanic that is indispensable to players in Honkai Star Rail. Although the Light Cone system can seem pretty convoluted and intimidating to new players, I promise it’s not nearly as confusing as it looks.

Light Cones are items that players can earn and equip to boost their HP, DEF, and ATK stats. They also can grant players valuable passive abilities, as long as the player’s Path matches that of the Light Cone.

Not all Light Cones in Honkai Star Rail are the same; they all have rarities ranging from 5-stars to 3-stars, and the higher Rarity a Light Cone has, the higher base stats it has.

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