Honkai Star Rail Departure Festival
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What is Honkai Star Rail Departure Festival and what Rewards Can You Expect?

It's festival time already?

Honkai Star Rail was released only a couple of days ago and its publishers have already decided to host an event for their players called Departure Festival. As they mentioned in their tweet, they are doing this as a sign of appreciation for all the support the game has gotten in the last couple of days.

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The Departure Festival will feature a live stream and some rewards so many fans are already excited about it. Read on to get the full details about the event and what rewards you can get from it.

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Honkai Star Rail Departure Festival Explained

The Departure Festival of the Honkai Star Rail will be held on April 30, 2023, at 19:30 (UTC +8) on the Honkai Star Rail’s official YouTube channel and Twitch. The festival will include a performance of the Stellaris Symphony and 10x Star Rail Special Pass drops for everybody. It’s still not clear whether you’ll need to watch the event to receive the rewards, but we suggest you pop in and check in as soon as the event starts.

As developers explain the reason behind this generous event is the game’s conquering of the charts in many countries and regions. Fans of the JRPG genre and of the Honkai franchise have united in downloading this game and trying it out so awarding them is certainly a good move that will retain the player base.

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