How to Check In After You Kill the Guard in One Armed Robber?

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Performing heists in One-Armed Robber is something like those robberies in Payday or GTA 5 – you can go in quietly, or you can go in guns blazing, Rambo style. Whatever approach you choose, you better be ready for the consequences.

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One of the consequences that you have to deal with when you are using the stealth approach is that every time you kill a guard, you need to ‘check in’ so the alarm won’t be raised and you can continue to play your mission quietly. But how do you do it? Hop in to learn more.

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How to Check In Guard’s Phone in One Armed Robber?

To check in a guard’s phone in One Armed Robber, you need to walk up to his body as soon as you kill him stealthily, pick up his phone, and put it up next to a check in point. You need to do this before the timer on the phone runs out. If you don’t, the alarm will trigger.

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When you decide to go quiet in this hilariously exciting game, you need to be aware that any loud sound you make or any alarm you trigger will break your cover, and you will find yourself in a position where you need to rely on your gun’s brute strength.

Keep in mind that you need to inform yourself of your surroundings before you kill any guards. Sometimes, the check in station for the guard’s phone will be right next to him, while on other occasions, such as at the start of the Jewelry Store mission, it will be behind locked doors. So, don’t be so quick to pull out your gun.

If you think you won’t be great at stealth play in One Armed Robber, you can always practice it in Stealth Tutorial.

How to Unlock Stealth Tutorial in One Armed Robber?

The Stealth tutorial will unlock just after you finish your regular One Armed Robber tutorial and will be displayed at the bottom of your home screen. In it, you will practice the quiet techniques of breaking in, sneaking past the cameras, and opening the vault without too much noise.

Even though the tutorial won’t allow you to destroy the security cameras by shooting them, that is possible to do once in a real mission.

We hope this article will help you rob those vaults in One Armed Robber. For more content just like this, see our articles Thief Simulator 2 Lockpicking Guide and How to Hack ATM in Thief Simulator 2.

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