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How to Change Field of View in Hogwarts Legacy

If only it would be a feature for every version of the game.
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Many games that require you to aim your controller or mouse will most likely give you a field of view(FOV) slider. This feature allows the player to manually increase/decrease the distance that the camera can see. This could be a massive help to people who might need to see more or less of the screen for performance reasons. It could just be another accessibility option to allow players to tweak it to their hearts content. In order to figure out how to change field of view in Hogwarts Legacy, you first will have to understand what system you’re playing on.

How to Change Field of View in Hogwarts Legacy

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For PC players, if you want to change your field of view it’s quite a simply task if you know where to look. Go into the settings in game and under ‘display options’ you will see a bar that says ‘field of view’. It’s reported that people are tending to favor maxing out the FOV slider, rather than decreasing the overall slider. But if you are lucky enough to pick up the game on PC, you will be more than happy to at least try it out and see what works best for you.

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When it comes to changing a setting like field of view, some developers opt to restrict the feature to PC players only. This unfortunately is the case for Hogwarts Legacy, as only players on PC can change their FOV. Forcing console players to deal with the awkward camera squishes and the like during parts of the game. For some, this might not be a deal breaker for them. For others, especially those who have played it, say that there can be a fair amount of times where your character will be pushed into the camera. And this is simply unacceptable.

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