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How to Change Camera Angle in Madden 23

It’s time to switch things up a little bit
Madden 23 screenshot
Image via EA Tiburon

The NFL is always trying to find new camera angles to keep fans engaged. Whether it be tracking a kickoff from tee to end zone using the skycam or confirming a touchdown with the pylon camera. Just like when you’re watching a real-life NFL game, everybody has a certain angle or perspective they prefer in Madden 23.

In this guide, we’re going to break down how to change the camera angle in Madden 23.

How to change Camera Angle in Madden 23

Maybe you want to see the field and read the defense better as a quarterback or see how the DBs are lined up as a wide receiver. Regardless, there’s a reason for everybody to want to change camera angles at some point during the game.

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The good news is that Madden 23 has made the process incredibly simple. Using the D-Pad, you can change the height and positioning of the in-game camera with the following controls;

  • Up (once) – This will give you the lowest and closest angle behind the quarterback.
  • Up (twice) – Angled view back towards the quarterback from the right side of the defensive line.
  • Down (once) – Provides a higher and wider viewing angle.
  • Down (twice) – Highest and widest view in the game.
  • Down (three times) – Provides an angled side view of the action.

Much like in previous years, you can’t scroll through the different camera angles at will in Madden 23. Instead, you need to either continue pressing up to reach the top selection or down to reach the bottom selection. All before the ball gets snapped and the play commences, since the camera angle cannot be changed once the ball is in play.

Keep in mind that the camera toggle option is turned on by default. If you want to turn if off, you need to go into your settings menu and find where it says “Visual Feedback”. Then, look for the Cameras tab and switch the Camera Toggle to “Off”. Now, pressing on the D-Pad will bring up wide receiver Hot Routes on offense and the Coverage Adjustments and Assignments menu on defense.

That’s everything you need to know about how to change the camera angle in Madden 23. If you’re interested in more Madden content, be sure to check out our guides section here at Gamer Journalist. Where you can find information like how to lateral pass in Madden 23 or all new Superstar and X-Factors in Madden 23.

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