How to catch a Monarch Butterfly in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Are you looking to catch a Monarch Butterfly in ACNH? This beautiful butterfly is available during the Autumn months, so if you haven’t found one yet, now is your chance. In this guide, we’ll show you how to catch a Monarch Butterfly in Animal Crossing New Horizons. 

How to catch a Monarch Butterfly in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Here’s everything you need to know about the Monarch Butterfly:

  • Insect: Monarch Butterfly
  • Northern Hemisphere Seasonality: September-November
  • Southern Hemisphere Seasonality: March-May
  • Active Hours: 4 am – 5 pm
  • Location: Around flowers
  • Weather: Any except rain
  • Selling Price: 140 Bells

Like most butterflies, the Monarch Butterfly spawns near the flowers on your island. It does not necessarily need to be flying on top of them. This insect has an orange-yellow and black color. You can find it during the Autumn months, September through November, in the Northern Hemisphere. 

For the Southern Hemisphere, it’s the opposite, and you can find it from March through May. It starts flying around early in the morning, at 4 am, all the way through 5 pm. The hours are convenient for most players, so you probably won’t have any trouble finding one.

If it’s raining, you won’t find one, but any other weather is perfect. Catching one of these is not very difficult, so you don’t need to do anything special. The toughest part is spotting one on your island. 

“Did you know the monarch butterfly migrates south for the winter and returns north for the summer? Indeed, these horrid orange beasties do not tolerate the cold and travel 3,000 miles to escape the winter. During the journey, they cluster together in trees by the thousands just to stay warm. Imagine! Hordes of the foul flittering fiends huddled together in one place! If only they’d put on tiny coats instead.”

I hope this guide helps you catch a Monarch Butterfly in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Please refer to our insect location and price guide to see what else is available this month.