How to Catch a Mole Cricket in Animal Crossing New Horizons
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How to Catch a Mole Cricket in Animal Crossing New Horizons

If you have ever been wandering around your island trying to figure out what that strange noise is, it’s probably the elusive Mole Cricket. This guide explains how to catch a Mole Cricket in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

How to Catch a Mole Cricket in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Every insect has a certain time of day and specific season it’s available. Mole crickets are around any time of the day between November and May in the Northern Hemisphere.

  • Northern Hemisphere Time of Year: November – May
  • Southern Hemisphere Time of Year:
  • Active Hours: All hours of the day
  • Price: 200 Bells
  • Location: River
Mole Cricket Seasonality

Catching a mole cricket can be a bit tricky. What you want to do is listen for a chirping noise as you are moving around your island. As soon as you hear one, try and listen for which direction it’s coming from. If you walk in the right direction the chirping will become louder.

Try and figure out where the sound is the absolute loudest, and then take out your shovel because it’s time to dig. Keep digging holes in the ground until you see the mole cricket hop out of the ground and start running away.

You will still be able to hear it chirp as it tries to escape. Take out your net and do your best to capture it. Be careful, though, because it might fly away or hop into the water and be back to annoy you again someday. Fill the holes back up as you’re digging to eliminate places that the mole cricket can escape to.

Some people don’t even notice the cricket noise and mistake it for background noise. Other people just plain had trouble finding these little suckers. I hope this guide helped you catch your very first mole cricket in Animal Crossing New Horizons!

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