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How to catch a Horned Hercules in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Are you wondering how to catch a Horned Hercules in ACNH? This rare stag is extra cautious and can quickly scurry away if you scare it. In this guide, we’ll show you how to catch a Horned Hercules in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Let’s take a look at this bug’s seasonality, active hours, natural habitats, and selling price.

How to catch a Horned Hercules in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Here is the seasonality, active hours, location, habitat, and selling price of the Horned Hercules in ACNH:

  • Bug: Horned Hercules
  • Seasonality: July and August
  • Active Hours: 5 pm to 8 am
  • Location: Coconut Trees
  • Selling Price: 12,000

Like many other beetles and stags, the Horned Hercules comes out during the summer months of July and August. You can find this bug during the hours of 5 pm to 8 am, but there are many beetles with the same spawn times. For that reason, you may have some trouble finding one of these right off the bat. Knowing what they look like helps a lot, and you can use the image below for reference.

Another thing to note is that the Horned Hercules seems to scare a lot easier than other insects. Because of this, you will want to slowly sneak up on it and be extra cautious of its alertness. Approach the bug slowly by holding A, and take two or three steps at a time. When you get just within maximum net range, scoop it up. Again, it’s essential to do this properly because you won’t come across too many Horned Hercules every day due to the number of possible bugs that spawn during the same time.

As a general tip, always check the coconut trees at your island or Nook Miles islands. Do not run by the trees, because you might accidentally scare away some bugs. By following these steps, you can hopefully catch yourself a Horned Hercules with no issues. For other similar Coconut Stags, check out our guides on how to find a Giraffe Stag.

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