How to catch a Damselfly in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Are you looking to catch a damselfly in ACNH? The damselfly is one of the few dragonfly variants in the game. Finding one is easy if you know its seasonality, location, and time of day. Here’s how to catch a Damselfly in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

How to catch a Damselfly in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Here is the seasonality, active hours, and location for the damselfly:

  • Insect: Damselfly
  • Seasonality (Northern Hemisphere): November-February
  • Seasonality (Southern Hemisphere): May-August
  • Active Hours: All Day
  • Location: Near Water
  • Price: 500 Bells

The green and blue damselfly is an insect that spawns and hangs out around the water. You can find it between November through February at any time of the day in the Northern Hemisphere. If you play Animal Crossing New Horizons from the Southern Hemisphere, you’ll want to search between May and August.

As long as you’re in the right month and checking near rivers, you won’t have any issues spotting a damselfly. They are abundant in the world of ACNH, and they are not a hard insect to catch in your net. Other types of dragonfly include the darner dragonfly, red dragonfly, and banded dragonfly. 

The damselfly is one insect you might need for your Critterpedia. Aside from that, it doesn’t fetch many Bells with its 500 Bells selling price. It’s not worth farming them for money, but if you want to check it off your list, now you know how to catch a damselfly in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

The colorful damselfly is similar to its cousin, the dragonfly, though it tends to be smaller and thinner. But don’t let the delicate looks fool you! Much like the dragonfly, the damselfly is a ruthless predator. It loves to catch flies midair and eat them, and has been known to snack on spiders it plucks from the web! In short, it is not a dinner guest I would recommend… and it is not a menu I could keep down.