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How to Build Bridges in One Piece Odyssey

Build your way to a brighter tomorrow.
one piece odyssey franky
Image via ILCA/Bandai Namco

For things that look so simple and sturdy, bridges are surprisingly hard to build. They gotta be balanced, they gotta be sturdy and sanded, and they need to be assembled with equally solid materials. No one can just throw together a bridge in a few seconds. Well, almost no one. Here’s how to build bridges in One Piece Odyssey.

How to Build Bridges in One Piece Odyssey

As you explore both Waford and the realms of Memoria, you’ll likely notice the many remains of crumbled bridges and natural gaps. You can usually see cool stuff across these gaps like chests, but unfortunately, none of the Straw Hats can fly. Or, well, Sanji can, but not right now. If you want to cross these gaps, you’re going to need someone to assemble a bridge. Luckily, we have the world’s greatest shipwright on our side.

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After you complete the Water Seven arc and defeat Rob Lucci, Franky will finally finish repairing the Thousand Sunny on Waford’s shores and rejoin the party. Franky’s no stranger to building beautiful bridges almost out of thin air, so once he’s on your side, you can start bridging the gaps.

Getting Materials for Bridges

one piece odyssey bridge
Image via ILCA/Bandai Namco

However, even a builder like Franky isn’t magic. In order to construct a bridge, he needs the appropriate materials. If you approach a potential bridge site, Franky will provide you with a laundry list of materials that he needs. When Franky first joins, you will likely have accumulated a decent collection of odds and ends by picking up loose items, but some of these items will only start appearing once Franky’s on board.

The linchpin to bridges is Bolts, specifically Steel Bolts and Carbon Bolts. These rare junk items can only be found in specific treasure chests. Once Franky is in your party, keep an eye out for any Bolts and start hoarding them. Take note of any spots you can build bridges, and when you have some Bolts, return to them to build the way forward.

With Franky’s help and the right junk, you can bridge all kinds of gaps to get yourself some awesome loot. Though really, a quality bridge is its own reward.

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