How to Build and Upgrade Your House in My Time at Sandrock?

Build your dream house!
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While playing My Time At Sandrock, you will have your own home, which you can decorate and upgrade throughout the game. With the available expansions, you can make all the space you need for your storage and, of course, the machines. Here is the guide on how to do that and what expansions are at your disposal.

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Building and Upgrading House in My Time at Sandrock

You can’t do any building or upgrading without Heidi, the owner of Construction Junction, who will make all the expansions possible for a price, of course. You can go to Heidi as soon as you’ve moved into your new workshop and completed all of the tutorial missions. She will provide all the required materials and do her part of the work at the finest quality and in a reasonable amount of time.

Your workshop is behind your property, and the Construction Junction is located next to the City Hall. You can enter the junction from the blue table, which will then open the Home Expansion menu.

First, you’ll need to expand your yard. The first expansion of the yard costs 1000 Gols. You can do it at your workshop or in Heidi’s Construction Junction. Remember, the more you expand the yard, the more space you’ll have for storage, machines, and all of the expansions in general.

Once you’re done with the yard, it’s time to expand your living space. Under the Home Tab in the Home Expansion menu, you can add new rooms or change the size of the existing ones. There are three basic House Styles, and the price for them in the original size is 1050 Gols.

  • Stone House
  • Wooden House
  • Majestic Style Room

After you select your preferred House Style, you simply click and drag the tiles onto the place you chose to put it. You can also expand it and customize it as much as you like, but remember that the larger the room is, the more it will cost.

Also, you can add and choose what kind of roof you want to be on the top of your house or even on the top of a single room. Yes, you can have separate roofs on your house. Original, isn’t it? The process is similar to choosing a House Style.

  • Choose the type of roof you’d like to have in the Roof Tab
  • Click and drag to the desired size of the roof
  • Place it on top of your house or a single room.

Construction Junction Catalog in My Time at Sandrock

Another tool you can use in order to customize your house and add separate rooms and spaces is the Construction Junction Catalog. There, you will have all sorts of rooms you can add, such as a Barn, Stable, etc.

  • Chicken Coop – For building a Chicken Coop, you’ll need an Iron Plate (5 pieces), a Hardwood Plank (5), and a Bronze Frame (2). It will cost you 1000 Gols.
  • Hutch – You will need 5 pieces of Hardwood Plank, 2 pieces of Bronze Frame, and 5 pieces of Iron Plate. The price is 1000 Gols.
  • Stable – for this one, you’ll need a Rubber Shell (5), Steel Bar (5), and Hardwood Stick (10). It will cost you 1000 Gols.
  • Barn – The construction of a barn requires 10 pieces of Iron Plate, 4 pieces of Bronze Frame, and 10 pieces of Hardwood Plank. The price is 1000 Gols.
  • Simple Sandfish Pond – In order to build a pond, you must use Wooden Boards (5), Stone Slate (10), and Hardwood Stick (8). That will also cost you 1000 Gols.

Take your time to build your home in My Time at Sandrock. Collect and save as much Gols as you can so you can purchase all the necessary materials and build much necessary space for your machines, storage, and rooms of all kinds.

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