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How to Breed and Raise Horses in Farming Simulator 23 – Horse Guide

Become the ultimate Horse Whisperer
Screenshot via Farming Simulator

Looking to get into the Horse business or are you someone who has always dreamed of having a Stables? Perhaps you just enjoy the Horse riding simulators. Regardless, Farming Simulator 23 allows players to earn greater amounts of profit through the Horse breeding business whilst also offering a calm, rewarding experience through the caring of animals and the riding of Horses. However, the road to starting your Horse business can be a long one depending on where you start. But for those who want Horses in Farming Simulator 23, Vincent’s guide will show you everything you need to know about these animals so that you can take care and enjoy your new Farm.

Buying a Horse Barn and Horses

Before beginning your journey into the Horse breeding business, you will first need to earn enough money to purchase a Horse Barn. This, unlike other animal-keeping structures has a much dearer price tag. Starting at $118,500, you will need to save up in order to start purchasing and taking care of any Horses you later purchased to fill the Barn. Once you have the Barn, you will next need Horses. These can be purchased via the pawprint icon in the front of the Stables area. You will find a total of 8 options available, being categorized by color as their variation rather than actual breeds of Horse. These cost $500 and require you to pay a transportation fee of $300 every time. This puts the total cost of buying a single Horse at $800. Luckily you have multiple windows to go through when confirming your purchase if you decide to change your mind on the color/variation of Horse.

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How to Breed Horses in Farming Simulator 23

To begin the breeding process, you first need to raise your Horse until they are a minimum of 22 months old. They must also be healthy which is determined by multiple factors, listed in the section below. Once you achieve high Effectiveness and great living conditions for the Horse, providing it with happiness and health, once they hit 22 months, the breeding process with begin. Of course, you will need multiple Horses purchased, content and old enough to breed. The period in which the Mare will carry the Foal is for 11 months. After this, you can begin your raising period once again with the Foal or decide to sell on the adult Horses to gain a profit. The choice is yours.

How to Raise Horses

A key part to raising Horses is to keep them fit. You will find them either inside the Stable doors where they will rest for the night, or inside the fenced off area of the Stables where they can roam. But by opening the main gate to the fenced area, you can go ahead and hop onto your Horse where the action will automatically place the saddle. You will see the Ride Icon in the bottom left-corner of the screen which looks like a human sitting on top of a Horse. Click ‘Y’ to ride. Once you are riding the Horse, you should refer to the percentage bar in the top-left corner of the screen, beside your cash. This will tell you how much exercise the Horse requires. Always aim for 100% and plan your route so that when you are in the 90% of their fitness, you can bring the Horse easily back to the pen.

The care of Horses are shown by their fitness and hunger. You will need to feed the Horses their Base Food and Hay. You can find this information and your progress in the Menu and ‘Animals’ Tab. You can also see their living conditions where they will require Straw in the Stables. All of this, whilst following the day-time schedule of the game will progress your Horses lifespan. You will note their Health, Puberty, Fitness, Daily Riding and Age under the Horse Image in the centre of the screen. To increase the Effectiveness, make sure that you are keeping the Horses well fed by referring back to this screen.

That was our guide all about Horses in Farming Simulator 23. For more on the latest gaming content and guides, be sure to check out GJ’s latest here. We hope this guide was useful. Thank you for reading.

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