Destiny 2 Dawning Ill-Fortune Cookies
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How to Become an Expert Baker in Destiny 2

Bake away.

Another The Dawning holiday event is here for Destiny 2 and this year the triumph seal will carry the title Star Baker. As you can guess, players will have to collect various ingredients and make cookies to advance and eventually reach the title of Star Baker. Keep in mind that if you wish to reap rewards from this event you would have to do it before January 3rd, as that’s the day when The Dawning ends.

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Of course, not everybody wants to become the Star Baker and that’s fine. There are numerous other titles that you can reach on different levels of progress, like Expert Baker, so don’t worry if you don’t wish to grind to the ultimate Star Baker title. Here’s our quick guide on how to reach Expert Baker.

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Becoming an Expert Baker

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To get started, you will first need to learn how to bake. You will do this by completing The Dawing initial quest with Eva Levante. After you know how to bake it will be up to you to find a lot of ingredients and start baking. The Expert Baker title is gained after making 20 unique cookies in the Holiday Oven. Every ingredient will have a description of how it can be obtained so you don’t have to worry as you progress to get this triumph.

Also, Expert Baker is the third triumph acquired by baking so on your path towards it you will automatically earn Amateur Baker (six unique cookies) and Adept Baker (13 unique cookies).

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