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How to Beat World 2 in Frogun

World 2 is a new ballgame.
Frogun World 2 Boss
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The newly released 90s retro platformer, Frogun, has been a delight to play through. With many different elements that harken back to yesteryear, there’s much to love about it and its colorful world of danger. We’ve recently gone over how to complete the game’s first levels in World 1, but now it’s time to turn our attention to the next chapter. Let’s talk about how to beat World 2 in Frogun.

How to Beat World 2 in Frogun

Frogun World 2
Image via Gamer Journalist

If you thought that World 1 was rough, just wait until you get a load of this one. There are way more dangers to avoid as well as the levels being much longer overall. I’d also venture to say that they’re a bit more intricate. With collectibles having even more hidden spots to hide in. It can be downright difficult to collect everything in these levels all while making it to the end unscathed. Luckily, as the case was with World 1, the collectibles are strictly for fun and don’t have a factor on if you can complete World 2 by its end.

As for the new dangers within levels, water plays a larger role as well as these bouncy blobs that made an appearance in World 1. Aside from previous hazards, there are some new enemies and obstacles in your way this time around. There are spiders that stick to walls, poisonous flies that will stalk you, dropping acid on top of your head, and a carnivorous plant that can only be killed by launching something at it from Frogun. As for new obstacles, there aren’t too many though you do have these spinning saws that go back and forth as well as spikey logs that go up and down.

Level 5 sees you taking on Jake, yet again, in a race. This level in particular was kind of infuriating but isn’t so long once you actually see the finish line. Following the race, you’ll be able to take on this world’s boss which is a fitness spider. Their attacks are limited to them revving up and running towards you which has them bouncing around your mini arena like a ping-pong ball. Take your time and just focus on hoping out of their way at the last second when they first attack.

Following that, they’ll spin themselves in a tornado frenzy but they’re pretty easy to avoid at this stage. Their second stage is the same but adds these mini web tornados that the spider spins towards you. Similar to the spider, they also bounce around the arena.

The third and last stage of this boss fight will see them spinning more mini tornados and trying their rev attack an additional time. The means of beating this boss is that once they finish their own tornado, they’ll get tired and a fish will fall from the sky which you’ll use Frogun to shoot them with. They only need 3 hits to be killed off. After that, you’re free to move onto World 3 as well as get another health upgrade.

That’s all there is to beating World 2 in Frogun! Good luck!

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