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What are Coins Used for in Frogun

Coins serve a couple of purposes.

The newly released Frogun has introduced players to a truly cute yet deadly world. With many enemies roaming throughout the dozens of danger-layden levels, there’s barely time to take a break while dodging that which can kill you. Though, Frogun employs players with collecting many, many items within it, creating a collect-a-thon of sorts. One of those notable items is the in-game coins. Let’s break down what the coins are and how you can use them in Frogun.

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What are Coins Used for in Frogun

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Each level in Frogun has a set amount of coins for players to collect as they traverse them. Whether it’s 150 or only 75, there are many to find in order to fully load your bank with funds. These coins come in various colors such as red, blue, green, and the most common, yellow. Each also has its own set worth as well.

The game doesn’t really tell you about them at all in the first few levels but makes sure to finally give you a chance to use them before the last act of World 1. After completing the race with Jake on level 5, you’ll be introduced to the Shopkeeper character. From there, you’ll be able to visit him before taking on the boss at their level. The Shopkeeper will continue to pop up through each world, so keep an eye out.

As far as what the coins are used for, you can purchase a couple of different kinds of things. The first, and most enjoyable is the customization options that you can dress your character, Renata, up with. It’s only limited to various headwear for her, but it’s a welcome addition that allows players to bring a bit of their own style to Renata’s look. Aside from hard hats similar to what she normally wears, there are also other kinds of hats to change things up a bit. Though it’s worth mentioning that none of these headwear choices boast any kind of special ability and are strictly cosmetic.

The other kind of items you can purchase are illustrations from the gallery. These are some extremely cute designs and it’s fantastic that they were included. These aren’t limited to pixel-art either. There are anime versions of characters as well as beautiful clear renderings of some of them. It’s a neat little spot to choose from for art lovers.

Aside from that, there’s really no other use for coins unless you’re a completionist and want to clear every level of their coinage solely to get that 100% at the end. And trust me, the game reminds you of this at all times, as there’s a big percentage icon on the screen when in-between levels.

That’s all there is to coins in Frogun! Now that you know how they work, enjoy purchasing with them or just collecting as many as you can along the way!

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