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How to beat Voke’s boss, the Anger Aspect, in Metal: Hellsinger

The Judge will definitely be angry after this.
voke boss in Metal Hellsinger
Screenshot by GJ / The Outsiders

Your path in Metal: Hellsinger is one of peril, slaughter, and chaos. As you travel through the eight Hells to get back what was taken, your journey will be hampered by everything the Hells and the Red Judge has to offer. To secure her throne even more, the Red Judge had manifested herself if various forms of her might. The first is in Voke, where the Anger Aspect guards the path to the next Hell. Can you handle this small portion of the Judge’s power? Or will you crumble like all the others?

How to beat the Anger Aspect in Metal: Hellsinger

Before the boss fight

The Anger Aspect may be the first boss you encounter, but she sure isn’t easy pickings.

Before the fight, you would have wanted to try and charge all of your ultimates and achieve and maintain a 16x fury. On the way to the boss fight, your fury metre will freeze, so max it out and make your journey through. It is difficult to know when the boss is coming up, so to be on the safe side preserve your ultimates and keep your fury up at the tail-end of every anguish-gate battle zone.

For this fight, you will only have access to the first three weapons, Paz, Terminus, and Persephone. This is all you will need.

The fight

The boss battle itself isn’t too complicated, but only as long as you don’t panic and keep on-beat and pay attention. It is easy to fumble when focusing on keeping on-beat and being aware of your surroundings.

The fight will consist of you battling the aspect and you facing a small horde of enemies.

When it is just you and the aspect, get close. It may seem counter-intuitive, but Paz will not be doing much damage at all, and Persephone needs close range. If Persephone’s ultimate is charged, get close and unleash it immediately. Then either switch to Terminus or keep spamming Persephone. After some damage, the boss will dematerialize to float away, so just keep damaging her.

fighting voke boss in Metal Hellsinger
Screenshot by GJ / The Outsiders

The boss will attack you through what looks like molten-blood-orbs. Watch out for them. It is not worth getting severely damaged for the sake of a couple extra hits. With Persephone you’ll have some vision and can keep shooting whilst double-jumping over the orbs. With Terminus, you’ll simply have to back off after every few hits.

Chaos Crystals will also be lining the fight. These things explode when hit, so use Paz to strike some hefty blows from afar.

After taking a lot of damage, the Anger Aspect will dematerialize and send a bunch of enemies to fight you. However, this is not a hurdle, it is an opportunity. All of those Marionettes are actually a bunch of health walking around, waiting to be claimed. Use Paz to take care of the Marionettes to allow you to slaughter them for more health. This way, at certain points in the fight, you can replenish all of your health, ready to go toe-to-toe with the boss, who hasn’t healed.

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Once all healed up, you can fight with your other weapons to charge their ultimate tp pack a real punch when the boss reveals herself again.

The Styx Crystals dotted around the map are not just a great way to heal, but an excuse to be a little daring. With the enemy hordes healing you, the crystals become redundant. The extra healing potential allows you to get even closer with Persephone to deal even more damage. It won’t matter if you get hurt in the process as the crystals will be there to fall back on. This can only be performed if you are able to effectively slaughter the enemies. If you lack confidence, don’t do this.

defeating voke boss in Metal Hellsinger
Screenshot by GJ / The Outsiders

Following these tips, of using the enemies to heal yourself, using the Chaos Crystals to deal huge damage, unleashing your ultimates, and getting carefully close to deliver hug hits, you’ll conquer Voke in no time.

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