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How to beat the Ultimate Mastery torment in Metal: Hellsinger

Become one with your weapons
Ultimate Mastery I info in metal hellsinger
Image via the Outsiders

Metal: Hellsinger gives you many ways to kill, maim and slaughter to your undead heart’s content. And each weapon has their own unique and special way of helping you dispatch your foes. In this torment, Ultimate Mastery, you must become attuned to your weapons and use their ultimates to lay waste. Are you ready to use your weapons to their maximum potential? Here is how to beat the Ultimate Mastery torment in Metal: Hellsinger.

What is Ultimate Mastery in Metal: Hellsinger?

Ultimate Mastery is an interesting torment in which you must kill a certain number of enemies within a time limit, with more time being awarded for each kill. However, not just any kill will count. Only kills delivered by your weapon’s ultimate will count, hence the generous time given in this particular torment, giving you time to charge each ultimate.

Considering how powerful ultimates are, the enemies will be tough, so you’d better be prepared to make the most out of each ultimate.

Top tips for Ultimate Mastery

This torment will require you to deal damage to charge your ultimates, so you need to be careful in spreading your damage out to try not to kill your quarry, that way there are more enemies for you to kill with your charged ultimates.

Terminus’ ultimate is one of the most powerful, and will fell your foes no matter their quantity or size, allowing you to get great time and rack up great kills. If you can, try to use Terminus as much as you can, as you have access to the weapon in each Ultimate Mastery torment

Ultimate Mastery I fight in metal hellsinger
Image via the Outsiders

Some Ultimates may not be effective in certain scenarios, for example Persephone’s and Hellcrow’s ultimates are no good at range, so if you launch them make sure you are close. You may be hardwired at this point to set off ultimates right away and to shoot to kill every time, but having some constraint in this challenge will do you the world of good.

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If there are any tougher enemies, such as a Behemoth, use them to charge your ultimates to unleash on the myriad of Marionettes that will doubtlessly be harassing you.

Ultimate Mastery I results in metal hellsinger
Image via the Outsiders

So have some constraint, aim to affect as many as you can with your ultimates, and use the beefier enemies to charge your ultimates, and you’ll come out alive, and with a Sigil to boot.

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