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How to beat the Death’s Edge torment in Metal: Hellsinger

Hang in there!
Death's Edge I info in metal Hellsinger
Image via the Outsiders

Metal: Hellsinger is not short of ways to make your life difficult. Despite this being all eight Hells, health is a precious resource. So, of course, this torment takes it away, providing a cocktail of anxiety and bloodlust that will both frustrate and satisfy. Death’s Edge is a torment that will get you the Last Breath Aegis line of Sigils, but you’re going to have to suffer first. Here is how to beat the Death’s Edge torment in Metal: Hellsinger.

What is the Death’s Edge torment in Metal: Hellsinger?

Death’s Edge is an incredibly difficult torment that will strain all of your abilities and knowledge of the game. Not only must you defeat 99 enemies under time constraint, but you must do it all without any healing of any sort, from slaughters nor Styx Crystals.

However, you are awarded more time for each kill, you have a generous roster of weaponry, and the more health you’ve lost, the stronger you are, allowing you become somewhat of a power house when hanging by a thread.

Top tips for Death’s Edge

Considering your generous roster, you will need to be on the ball about the best weapon for every situation the game throws at you. If there are a bunch of weaker enemies, pull out the crowd controllers. If there are some tougher opponents, bring out the big guns. Don’t waste time using the wrong weapon for the job. It could cost your run.

Considering you can’t heal, and the enemies just keep coming, you’re going to need to keep your head on a swivel. There are hardly any audio cues for enemies spawning in the arena, so you’re going to have to pay attention. The last thing you need is a Behemoth leaping out of nowhere and deling huge damage.

Death's Edge I Behemoth in metal Hellsinger
Image via the Outsiders

That being said, don’t stay still. It will make you an easy target for ranged enemies and hidden melee enemies waiting to attack. Keep moving and dashing around. If you see an enemy about to hit you, then dash. You’ll become briefly invulnerable and may negate their hit.

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Finally, don’t save your ultimates and use them generously. It could save your life.

Death's edge results in metal Hellsinger
Image via the Outsiders

Naturally, staying on-beat will give you an easier time, especially when you are low health as your damage output will increase dramatically. Skilled players will take damage intentionally and then avoid damage for the rest of the torment to capitalize off of increased damage.

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