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How to beat the Relic Thief torment in Metal: Hellsinger

Waste not, want not
Relic Thief I info in metal hellsinger
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Metal: Hellsinger doesn’t just let you dance with the devils, it sometimes lets you become one. In a manner of speaking. The Relic Thief torment is the only way to get your hands on the Boon Momentum line of Sigils, and gives you a rare opportunity of becoming almost unstoppable. Here is how to beat Relif Thief in Metal: Hellsinger.

What is Relic Thief in Metal: Hellsinger?

Relic Thief is an interesting torment that allows you to briefly inherit the powers of Halphas, the greedy Archdevil. You must kill a number of demons under a time limit that expands as you kill demons. However, around the arena are relic pickups that you can claim for a significant boost.

The relic pickups allow you infinite ammo, increased damage, and insane ultimate metre gain for a limited time, making you truly a force to be reckoned with. Due to such power, each torment won’t give you many Styx Crystals, so you must be resourceful and Slaughter, or simply be careful.

Top tips for Relic Thief in Metal: Hellsinger

The relic pickups may be tempting to go for straight away, but try to hold off as much as you can. You will only be given a finite number of them, so use them wisely. The enemies will be tough considering the powers you have access to, so you must be careful and make use of your evade and try to perfectly time your attacks to give you an easier time.

When you do embrace a relic pickup, then go mental. Shoot on the beat every beat, running towards enemies, dealing so much more damage than before. Select the weapon with your favourite ultimate and use it as frequently as you can. The plan whilst you benefit from Halphas’ power is to kill as many demons as possible.

Be careful, however, as you are not invulnerable, and can still die. Don’t be reckless.

relic thief fight in metal hellsinger
Image via the Outsiders

If you are ever short for time, try to shave off as many weaker enemies as you can to buy you lots of time quickly. But be wary that you can never have more time than you had to begin with, so if you are close to that number, then don’t worry.

Relic Thief I complete in metal hellsinger
Image via the Outsiders

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