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How to Beat Terrormorphs in Starfield

In space, no one can hear you unload 800 rounds of ammunition
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Throughout your time exploring the cosmos in Starfield, you’re sure to encounter some less than friendly organisms. Some of these certain creatures might want to pummel into the rocks until you are no longer alive. This sentiment can be said for the likes of the invasive Terrormorphs you’ll come across. A species that many are confused and perplexed as to it’s origins, but one that is most deadly and dangerous. Whether you are exploring the edges of a planet or embarking on a missions, you’re bound to run into these guys eventually. As such, we are going to gear up and figure out how to beat Terrormorphs in Starfield.

How to Beat Terrormorphs in Starfield

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Screenshot via GamerJournalist/Bethesda Game Studios

Terrormorphs are Starfield’s equivalent to Fallout’s Deathclaws, portraying the dangers of exploring wildly. However, this doesn’t mean that they can’t be killed, and some objectives require you to kill them. A task that is easier said than done, you’ll need everything you’ve got to take the likes of a Terrormorph. But never fear, as with a few steps of preparation, you can out-smart the creature and send it to the shadow realm.

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Terrormorphs are extremely agile, and can rush you in an instant. Because of this, you’ll want to load up with long-range weapons, and equip the best boosting jetpack you have. If possible you want to make sure you can get the high ground on the enemy Terrormorph. Because Terrormorphs are melee damage only, they’ll have to run to you in order to do damage. When this happens, switch between doing damage and repositioning yourself. Having a companion to draw aggro is also a bonus if you want to bring someone along. But just keep dancing around the hulking alien, and after a decent amount of time (thanks to their massive health bars), you’ll successfully eliminate any Terrormorphs that come your way.

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