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How to Use Heartsplosion Mode in Super Bullet Break

Let your heart explode with Seasons of Love
Super Bullet Breat Seasons of Love Heartsplosion
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There 7 different games represented as world levels you have to battle through and save from glitching in Super Bullet Break. While the gameplay is the same, each “game” world is represented with its specific cast of NPCs. These are who you use as cards in your deck called Bullets. Each Bullet set depending on which game they are from has a thematic ability that can help you stack and use as combos with other Bullets from those games. In the second game, Seasons of Love, the lovesick middle school girls have a combining stack power known as Heartsplosion. It might be the most powerful theme in the game. Here is how you use the Heartsplosion technique in Super Bullet Break.

How to Use Heartsplosion Mode in Super Bullet Break

Heartsplosion Meter

To be clear, you can use Bullets from any game during any world level you are playing through at the time. No character card is restricted to just one game. So whether you are just beginning with Monochrome Tactics or have gotten further in playing Stage Princess or Beastly Brawlers, you can always use any set of Bullets. Playing through Seasons of Love will be your best option for most Heartsplosion usage. This is because the base deck you will be given will be all Seasons of Love bullets. However, if you want to build your deck in any game to a more Heartsplosion-oriented final attack, here’s how.

When you play a Bullet card from Seasons of Love, their Heartsplosion number will activate and build up your Heartsplosion Meter. The Heartsplosion points vary depending on the Bullet but seem to range between +5 to +50 Heartsplostion with +10 or less being the most common. Once your Heartsplosion Meter reaches 100, you are given 10 more moves to use during your turn. Additionally, all Seasons of Love Bullets cost half the amount of movement as before. This is probably wise to try and hit 100 as early as you can in your new turn so you can use as many Bullets as possible for literally double as many as you would have previously been able to play that turn. After that, your Heartsplosion Meter resets to zero and you can attempt it all over again.

heartsplotion explained
Image Via PQube

If you’re looking for which Seasons of Love characters have some of the best effects or Heartsplosion points, here are some of the stronger ones you can look into.

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